5 Church Online Giving Statistics You Can’t Ignore

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Online giving statistics

5 Church Online Giving Statistics You Can't Ignore

Before asking themselves “what's the best online giving for my church strategy,” most decision-makers in houses of worship wonder if it's even worth it. If you've never accepted online donations, you probably aren't sure how effective they can be. Ask any church leader who's gone this route, however, and they'll undoubtedly tout their effectiveness. Just look at the statistics to get an idea of the potential.

1. Willingness to Give Digitally

One of the most important statistics related to online donations is the fact that 60 percent of congregants are willing to give digitally. This is a huge number considering the ease with which you can use a church donation management program. Unfortunately, only 16 percent of churchgoers actually give electronically.

What's going on with this discrepancy? The fact is, many churches don't offer online donation options. Congregants want to give digitally, but many simply aren't given the ability to do so. By failing to offer this choice, churches are missing out on large sources of giving.

2. Donations Made with Cards

Utilizing a church giving app was once unheard of when it came to tithing and donations. Of course, this is because “apps” didn't even exist until very recently. Now that they do, however, a full 49 percent of all church giving transactions are done through a credit or debit card.

While there's no guarantee that you'll lose these donations by not accepting card payments, it's a pretty safe assumption that you're missing out. Only accepting funding the traditional way is certainly your right, but the best online giving options for your church will ensure you reach out to the nearly half of givers who use cards.

3. Preference of Most Engaged Congregants

We all know a few churchgoers who are CEO (“Christmas and Easter only”) attendees. On the opposite side of the coin, there are countless congregants who come in every time the doors are open and attend events throughout the week. The latter group is made up of those who are most likely to donate.

So, what do those individuals prefer? Research has shown that 80 percent of those who attend at least two activities or church groups a week prefer giving electronically. There's no doubt that many of these dutiful attendees with still give without the option, but why take the chance when we can cater to their preferences?

4. Tithing Has Gone Down

It's surprising just how long statistics have been kept on tithing throughout history. In fact, we know exactly what congregants were giving at least back to the Great Depression. Today, only 3.4 percent of churchgoers tithe the 10 percent that's set forth in the Bible. Back during the Great Depression, this number was 21 percent higher.

What can we learn from this? To start, we know it's not the economy. Even during the worst of the Depression, our grandparents were proportionally tithing more than we do now. Better yet, what does this have to do with the best online giving for your church?

It actually leads us right into our final statistic.

5. Increases Thanks to Online Tithing

So, how can we make up for the fact that fewer families are donating the biblical tithing amount? It all comes down to digital giving. Statistics show that overall donations increased by 32 percent in churches that started taking online donations.

There's no way to understate the absolute significance of this statistic. This means that an average church that took in $1,000 in donations weekly would see giving increase to $1,320. Regardless of your church's size and weekly giving amounts, this increase can help you do much more than you're currently capable of.

Find the Best Online Giving for Your Church

If there's one thing that comes close to being as certain as the words of the good book, it's that the truth is in the numbers. Surveys, research, and statistics consistently show that accepting online donations is the perfect way to increase tithing. If you're ready to find the best online giving tool for your church, give us a call today so you can focus on your mission instead of worrying about how to fund it.


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