7 Reasons Why You Need a Church Giving Kiosk

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Church Giving Kiosk

Passing the collection plate is certainly one way to allow members to donate. Yet, there are quite a few reasons to give your members other options. While there are other options such as website online giving or text to give, a church giving kiosk is an ideal way to increase stewardship. Whether it's allowing them the privacy of using another means or increasing donations by having other options – here are seven reasons why you need a church giving kiosk.

People Don't Always Have Cash (or Checks)

In the past, people had to make sure they had cash on them in order to use the collection plate. Or at the very least, a check. Yet with today's technology, not many people carry cash on them and few carry a checkbook. Sure, some members may always carry a checkbook and some many only use cash but that is likely not the norm, especially with younger members.

With a church giving kiosk, members have the option to use their debit card and can donate at any given time without having to come up with cash in advance or writing a check out to bring with them. It's convenient and it's private because let's face it, not everyone wants their fellow neighbor to know what they are donating. Sometimes someone may not have as much as they'd like to donate or they're donating a lot – either way, they may not want everyone to see.

It's Easier on Accounting

With a church giving kiosk, it is easy to do your accounting. While you still have to keep up and report other payment methods like checks and cash, with a kiosk you do not have to do all of this manually. Also, the staff has immediate access to the bookkeeping records once a donation is made. It simplifies the accounting process.

This gives staff more time to focus on other things and frees up time spent on the accounting process. And with a church giving kiosk there is no more manual counting cash or checks. No trips to the bank and no merging data from different systems. Not only that, but with a church giving kiosk, there is no more risk of theft with anything given that way.

Reduces Theft

We don't like to think that someone would steal from church but it does happen. With so much cash, it is a temptation that some succumb to. With a church giving kiosk, theft is reduced since there isn't access to the cash as much. Sure, some people will always use the collection plate in lieu of other methods but others will use the kiosk making less attainable cash to those who may not be honest.

So whether it is someone taking money from the collection plate or someone within the staff who handles cash, theft happens and a church giving kiosk reduces some of the risk.

Additional Opportunities for Members to Donate

Passing around a collection plate allows your members to donate once. But what if they had an opportunity at any time they are in the building? A church giving kiosk can be used at any time so whether it's before church, during, or after – a member can utilize the kiosk and give money.

What we have found with our research:

Having a giving kiosk on site will also bring in more contributions. According to research from NewFire Giving, the average gift when using a church donation kiosk is 24% higher than when using mobile. Clearly, major donors like the tangible nature of a kiosk, as well as the control it offers compared to a giving plate.

Ease of Use

Let's face it, people are more inclined to participate in something if it's easy. And while putting a check or cash into a collection plate is certainly easy, so is using a church giving kiosk. Simply set up stations throughout your location or take your giving software on-the-go during outreach and important off-site fundraisers.

Another way it is easier is that a person doesn't really have to think about having cash on them or writing a check beforehand. Just like at the store, they can easily use their debit card with the church giving kiosk.

Engage More Members

Allowing your members to give as easily as they buy groceries or put gas in their cars increases engagement. They have the same comfort as doing day to day activities and it allows them to keep up with their own accounting since they will have a record of it with their bank. And while there are other ways to give in addition to the church giving kiosk, studies show that the average kiosk gift is as much as 24 percent higher than with mobile gift giving.

Make It Easy and Effective to Give

A church giving kiosk has a wealth of benefits. It's easy to use, reduces theft, and allows members additional ways to donate, thus increasing donations to your church.

This is the perfect way to increase giving within your church and not only does it increase your church's donations but it makes it easy on the congregation as well. Once they see how convenient it is and how secure it is, even the most traditional church members will be onboard this way of giving.

Not only that, but it allows your church to evolve and follow other churches into a way of making it easy for your congregation to not only participate in stewardship but to have convenience and privacy in their donations.

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