ACS Church Software vs. NewFire Giving: Which Best Contributes to Your Church Success?

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Service organizations face a struggle between their core mission and raising funds to support that mission. Ideally, fundraising is a modest strain on church resources. The congregation should spend its energy putting its values into practice. The reality is that church donations are down, even as overall charitable giving is up.

The solution is new technology developed to help churches optimize the giving process. This is a new idea for many congregations but welcomed by leaders who see its massive potential. For many, the choice is between two software solutions: ACS Church Software and NewFire Giving.

A side-by-side comparison of these solutions can help you to assess what's right for your church. Technology can make it easy for people to give. New tools help churches reach a younger, tech-friendly audience. With the right support, you can better assess your fundraising goals. Ultimately, you focus on the mission and not the fundraising.

ACS Church SoftwareNewFire Giving Software

What is NewFire Giving?

NewFire Giving offers digitized options for giving. Many non-profits fall behind for-profit commerce by failing to stay up-to-date with new payment methods. Churches are no different. By bringing them into the world of modern commerce, NewFire removes a barrier to giving. This makes it easier to accept spontaneous, one-time, and even recurring donations.

The solution also supports giving through a comprehensive educational program. With these lessons, church leaders learn how to make the giving process more efficient. This is particularly meaningful for people who are not used to donor development and need extra guidance.

In addition, NewFire Giving's IGNITE framework automates messaging. Church staff stays in contact with congregants without taking too much time away from the essential day-to-day workings of the church. Electronic communications such as emails are quicker and easier to dispatch.

The team behind NewFire has been in the church giving space for close to 15 years. Our data demonstrate a strong track record of success. Using our tools, you can increase your recurring giving rate by as much as 39 percent. We believe this so strongly that the program comes with a guarantee of a two-fold increase in digital giving.

Digital Giving Innovations

Traditional giving methods are lost on modern consumers. In the past, congregants might put cash or checks into a donation envelope. Now, there's less cash and paper money than ever before. People pay online for goods and need digital options to give to their church.

NewFire Giving makes this transition easier on churches. The software enables online giving. There is also a smartphone app to facilitate one-tap donations. Text-to-give capability means a donation can happen through a quick text message. Texting is the method for giving that young congregants prefer more than any other.

There's even the option to put a giving kiosk in your church. That way, your community can support missions and events on the spot. At NewFire, we good-naturedly term these kiosks “ATMs for Jesus.” They facilitate the work you do as a church body.

One-on-One Coaching

NewFire goes a step beyond technical support by offering an education program and direct coaching. The modules help you rethink the giving process. You can feel more at ease with taking a new direction with your church fundraising, lifting up the organization without sacrificing your values.

Once a month, users of NewFire Giving have communication with a giving coach who can provide more assistance. Overall, the platform has built-in components that make sure no client is left on their own to figure it out. We know giving is a challenge for many congregations. NewFire is dedicated to making it easier.

Communication Tools

As part of NewFire's IGNITE framework, church leaders can make their communication easier. Tools include letters, emails, postcards and sermon notes, to inspire and engage your community.

Who is NewFire Giving Ideal For?

Because of its modern interface and a wide range of tools, NewFire may be a great fit for your church. The education modules and coaching support may especially help churches that want to revitalize their giving. Being able to reach out to younger congregants means it's easier to spread the message. It's also easier for them to support your cause with digital donation tools.

What Does NewFire Giving Cost?

NewFire Giving offers several packages, tailored to the needs of your specific church. Options include giving software and IGNITE coaching as one comprehensive solution. Some customers choose to receive just the stand-alone coaching program. This coaching-only package is ideal for people who want help building their church's resources, but do not necessarily benefit from new software.

Ultimately, we aim to create a package that meets your needs. We'll work with you to find what fits your budget and gives you the tools you need to grow.

ACH softwareACS Church Software

What is ACS Church Software?

ACS Church Software is an all-in-one package that focuses on the entirety of church administration. It focuses less specifically on giving. The software, marketed under the name “Realm,” helps staff track attendance, plan events, accept donations and handle all aspects of accounting. Depending on the plan you choose, ACS can provide a way for congregants to communicate with the church through event details and notifications. It is available in a cloud-based or a desktop-installed version.

Among the features of ACS Church Software is a customizable workflow. This helps leaders to develop pathways for specific activities and monitor progress. There is an option for a mobile app for use by the network. Here members can check in, communicate, or post news. Church leaders can track donor history and other essential information.

Who Is ACS Church Software For?

ACS Church Software may be described as a management tool. It is a software solution for churches who want to have everything they need in one place. The software does not focus on bolstering fundraising or giving campaigns. Instead, its main goal is to make the back office more efficient.

ACS has three plans: Inform, Connect, and Multiply. The first is designed for church staff; the second for the staff and congregants; and the third for mega-churches that exist over several campuses. In all plans, the software is best suited for leaders who want an all-in-one solution that does not necessarily prioritize the optimization of fundraising campaigns.

It also may help organizations that have a lot of people they need to contact. Church is about community. In large numbers, leaders may need technology to make sure the right information gets out.

What Does ACS Church Software Cost?

ACS Church Software does not have precise cost information on its website. It does say that for all three packages, price depends on the number of attendees. One can presume therefore that larger churches pay more for the service.

Although there are three plans, one can get the most out of ACS by choosing the largest plan, Multiply. Multiply includes all the features of Connect and Inform. Connect includes all the features of Inform.

What Are Clients Saying About ACS Church Software?

ACS has strong aggregate reviews on Many users praised the completeness of the software, offering everything one needs to run a church. However, some users noted features are not intuitive or easy to use. Reporting features may take some time to learn and it may be hard to search within reports. In addition, the cloud version of the software may have outdated functionality.

What to Do Next?

Each church is a unique community. All do have some common needs. Donations are essential to keep the doors open. It is also important to connect with congregants so the organization is a living and breathing home for people of faith. NewFire Giving and ACS Church Software both aim to help churches in their mission.

Only NewFire, however, has a singular focus on optimizing giving campaigns. This is so church leaders can focus on what's really important to the church body. In order to do this most effectively, some leaders need mentorship. That is why the coaching and education part of NewFire may set it apart from a software application like ACS.

Perhaps the best way to decide what solution is right is to contact NewFire. Visit us online today to schedule a call with an expert who can help you work out the best solution for your congregation. Together we can help you build a community that's living its commitment to faith.

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