Church Fundraiser: 7 Fundraising Ideas for Church

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Church Fundraiser

So, you’re thinking of hosting a church fundraiser? Short on ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to offer you some affordable, easy to enact ideas which you can take up for yourself so as to be able to give fun to others and raise money for a great cause! Read on, my friends, read on.

Why not host a sports game?

I think this is one best for the summer and spring months when the conditions outside are most congenial. Sports games are a great way to get people together for socializing, exercising and for a healthy bit of competition. I’d recommend reaching out to friends, neighbors and other church members for help gathering the right equipment if you don't personally have access to it, and while you’re at it, you might as well ask them if they’d like to come along and play too!

Now, for the church fundraising bit, I’d recommend suggesting a participation donation of around $5 for the day. You could set up multiple pitches depending on the number of people you get to come along, and if you deem it worthwhile, you could include some free snacks or other food in the fee – something which you could afford to offer without detracting significantly from the entrance fee you have received. You could try setting up a barbecue and handing out tasty hot dogs and hamburgers. Maybe you could make some cookies for the event too…

Selling handmade cookies!

Why not serve happiness in snack-sizes at your local church group or youth center by hosting a bake sale? This is always a fun, easy and rewarding method of fundraising. First off, the ingredients needed are widely available and won’t put a dent in your pocket to procure, meaning you can raise quite a bit for your buck. Secondly, making these sweet little crumbly or chewy delights is in itself enjoyable, simple, and won’t take up much of your time.

One of my favorite cheats for crafting these treats is to use Nutella instead of sugar and butter; it has both sweetness and fattiness itself and so does the job of both, while at the same time incorporating a delicious chocolatey flavor into the very fabric of the cookie! Just add eggs and flour as you usually would and then when the texture resembles cookie dough, scoop it into 2 tablespoon balls and then pop them into your preheated oven. These are sure to delight! Specific quantities can be found by following this link. Why not get extra creative and throw in some chopped bits of your favorite chocolate too so as to have some lovely chunks in your cookies?

Host a home-cooked meal!

Inviting people over for a church fundraising dinner can be a real treat for everyone involved. Sharing your style of cooking with people is a great way of expressing yourself openly, and as a result, you are sure to make some real impressions on your dinner guests! You are best off scheduling this for a weekend a few weeks in advance so that you can really get a solid idea of the numbers you are to be expected, to allow you to adequately prepare, and to ensure that nobody is let down.

I recommend modeling this church fundraiser around a give what you like! policy, so that each person can give just what they feel comfortable giving. Make sure to keep any information about the amount each person donates confidential so that nobody feels that they have to compare their own generosity with that of another – nobody wants to feel bad doing something so good! You’ll not only raise church funds for a good cause, but you’ll strengthen current friendships, make the first connections in new ones, and perhaps will secure yourself some future dinner invitations too!

Host a movie night!

There are few things as comforting and entertaining as a good movie, especially in the colder seasons, and especially with good friends! People are often more than happy to buy tickets to go and watch a movie in the theatres, so why not turn your common area or even a living room into a mini-theatre yourself? It’s really cheap to set up events like this, and because of this, you can set the tickets to be enticingly affordable.

The movie shown could be voted for in a common group, which could be put onto your congregation's Facebook page, or equivalent. More information on that here. You could make this a regular occurrence, too! How great does Friday night movies sound? You might even be able to set up an afternoon viewing for the younger members of the congregation! Why not make snacks available as well? How about some of those homemade cookies?

Set up a 50/50 raffle!

What’s that? you might ask. Well, it’s really quite simple! Simply prepare raffle tickets – always more than you expect to sell – and then charge a dollar per ticket for entry into the overall prize-pool! Put a copy of each bought raffle ticket number into a pot or sack, and at the end of the day, pull out and announce the happy winner! Half of the total amount of gathered money goes to the lucky winner, and the other half goes towards the church! This can be done in conjunction with other events, for example, during a sports game-hosting day. If you can’t find a raffle ticket booklet, you can print off a template from this link.

Bring out ye olde lemonade stand!

Having stood the test of time, this is the most enduring church fundraiser on this list – and for good reason! Refreshing, sweet, delicate, light, and bursting with flavor: cool lemonade on a summer’s day can quench the thirst and elevate the mood of any child of God! If you’re unsure how to prepare this delicious drink, you can find a clear guide to doing so here. Depending on your area, there’ll be differences in where best to set up your stand, but somewhere popularly passed by is the general recommendation. Your town center, the beach, outside of your church – the lemonade stand can sit comfortably wherever you set it up! I recommend buying paper cups for this sort of church fundraiser so that people can buy a glass to go if they so wish. However, having some glass cups handy is also a great idea because some people might want to just pause for a moment from their daily wanderings and sip something cool. You could take those opportunities to talk with customers about your church!

So, there you have it! Seven incredibly affordable, popular, and thus lucrative church fundraisers for your local house of God. While setting up events like the ones I have detailed above is great for bringing in money for a good cause, it should be mentioned here that there are also online church fundraisers you can set up so that devotees can give whatever they want, whenever they want. You can set one up here. This might be the single best thing you learn from this list because even when it is inconvenient to be setting up an event due to weather conditions or some other obstacle, you can count on raising funds by the simple virtue of generosity that lives in the heart of each and every child of God.


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