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Kill These 3 Church Myths

By October 24, 2017 One Comment
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There are an endless number of church myths about money.

We hear them every day from pastors like you. These falsehoods keep you from confidently and clearly talking about money each week.

When you and your staff believe them, your ministry suffers. In other words, giving is restricted because these myths keep your congregation from giving to your church. And when giving is impacted, your church can’t help as many people.

It’s time to slay these myths. What are they?

church giving

MYTH #1: You shouldn’t talk about money
Since money is such a sensitive subject, some may find it better to avoid it and not provoke any ill feelings or negative attitudes. Right?


The #1 reason why you should talk about money is because Jesus talks about money. A lot.

Nearly half of the parables focus on money.

If it was a big deal to Jesus, it should be a big deal to you.

MYTH #2: There are more important things to talk about
You only have 60-75 minutes per service, so you need to maximize each minute. That means you shouldn’t address money every week, right?


The Bible addresses money and possessions more than 2000 times. Jesus talked about it nearly 300 times.

In fact, the Bible addresses money more than it does prayer. By a long shot.

If it’s a priority of Scripture, it should be a priority of your services.

MYTH #3: You shouldn’t be direct
Since money is such a sensitive topic, it can offend people to talk about it directly. So beat around the bush. Right?


You need to be clear about money, but do it in a gracious way.

Let people know the financial reality of the church, whether good or bad. Don’t be mean, rude, or tack. Just be clear and open about it. Like Jesus was.

Don’t let these poisonous myths strangle the giving capacity in your congregation.

Slay them now and begin speaking confidently about money.


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