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Online giving dominates as the most common way to tithe in churches across the US. Churches do still pass around the offering basket. But they've found quite a bit of success with the features donation software offers. Easytithe has its own standout set of features. They make fundraising and tithing accessible to any church. Check out the features here, and see how it fits for you. But before you decide, there’s an alternative you should know about too.

Ways to Give

With Easytithe, there are four major ways to give. Four options keep everything less confusing for the people giving. More than that and things get tricky to follow. But in churches using their software, Easytithe boasts an increase in giving. All those donations come through these avenues.

Mobile App

The Easytithe mobile app is the first mode of online donations. The most notable feature for the app is the option for recurring giving. Members can log in and choose an automatic giving amount each week or month.

Text Giving

If your church adds the text giving feature, your members can give through SMS. Your church will be assigned a phone number the members can text an amount to. The transaction gets taken care of after they send the text.


This style of giving is based on the booth method. Your church would need their specific hardware to set this option up. Members and parents can come and fill out a form in the kiosk, and give a donation that way. Or you could use it for registration for events like VBS or a symposium. Or even a mission trip.


Easytithe also connect through Facebook. If your church members have a large presence on the Facebook page, there’s a way for them to click and give on it.

Prices and What's What

Now it’s time you learn the more specific features and what it costs to have access to them.


First, you should know a little more about the features you might soon be paying for. Including what types of transactions they accept, and limitations. And what it’s actually like to use Easytithe software.

Along with that recurring option, Easytithe has a button for an optional donor bump to cover fees. You can set it up to pop up as an optional bonus of two or three percent. That makes it so the donor has the option to cover transaction fees, rather than the church.

Forms of accepted payment are debit, credit, and AHC. Multiple payment methods can be stored for member convenience.

Easytithe also offers some branding support. They allow some customization on your pages to help promote your church’s brand. And you can build different pages for different campuses.

As your church grows, Easytithe supports you with data management as well. They track, secure, and report every ounce of data through the company’s team and data center.

They don't charge for unlimited users in the database. The thing they do charge for is access to all those features in the first place.


The prices cause quite the ripple in the monthly bill for EasyTithe. Pricing ranges from free to almost 50 bucks a month plus transaction fees. Before signing up for anything, you might want to figure out the exact options for what you can afford.


There are multiple package options for what’s available. In all of them, the text feature remains a bonus. It means you pay a small premium to use it no matter what. The charge for texting is 5 dollars a month to add on.


The kiosk hardware must be purchased, and the price for that is unknown. But having it available to use is an extra 19 dollars a month whether you use it or not. It is an optional add-on, and not required.


The security for your financials does have a cost. Easytithe weigh that out at 10 dollars a month to handle and process all your data.


Though the prices above are set in stone, the transaction fees aren’t. They vary based on the plan your church pays for.

The free plan transaction fee is 3 percent plus a flat 39 cents. The AHC fee for that is 1 percent plus 39 cents. They still do have a monthly minimum of 10 dollars for the free plan ironically. That’s to cover security.

The next option for plans has a cost of 29 dollars per month. The transaction fee within it is 2.6 percent plus 39 cents. The AHC fee is .75 percent plus 39 cents.

Another bump up for a plan brings the monthly cost to 49 dollars each month. The transaction fee lowers to 2.09 percent plus a 39 cent flat fee. But their site notes that it’s tiered, which means the price changes.

The last plan they have is a high volume plan. It's available only to those bringing in more than 25k per month. The base transaction fee lists as custom and the AHC is the same as the previous.

The final price point you should take note of is another optional addition. They pair a one-stop-shop feature through an app called Ministry One. It's an extra 39 dollars each month.

Before You Go

Before you go off and start using Easytithe, you need to know about an alternative option. One that will knock your socks off. NewFire Giving.

NewFire Giving

NewFire’s solid features make it highly competitive as a choice for giving software. They share all the features of an app, website, kiosk, and text to give. But along with the accepted payments above, NewFire Giving also accepts Apple Pay.

In their reporting, they also provide a donation statement for your and member tax forms.

But the real leg up they have to offer is a resource more hands-on than any other giving software out there. Ignite Coaching teaches churches how to effectively rev up donations with the software.

Their stats include a 42 percent increase in likelihood to give recurring donations. It means a member giving somewhere around 1200 gives closer to 1800.

That stat comes from the NewFire Giving website here. You'll find it alongside their three customized program plans.

The Decision

Both programs offer similar features. Each has text to give, an app, online giving, and kiosk options. But NewFire Giving includes Apple Pay and exclusive coaching modules. That sets them apart. So you might want to set up a call and check it out.

Click here to book one.

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