Fall Festival: X Tips for Your Churches Fall Festival

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Fall is upon us. It’s the time of the year when days become shorter and the temperature becomes cooler. Kids go collecting candies and you’ll be seeing pumpkins everywhere. And if your church is up for it, it could also be the season when people will get to know the love of God. To create that opportunity for people, here are fall festival ideas that you can organize for your church.

Organize a Puppet Show

Kids dig fall festivals the most. In fact, right this moment there are probably kids in your church who are praying for days to go faster so they can don on their carefully-planned costume. The church can make the most out of this festival and tell kids the greatest story ever told at a time when they’re most enthusiastic. And who better to tell that story than very entertaining puppets? Make sure to ask kids beforehand to invite their pals over so they also get to witness puppets preach the gospel.

Inflatables Galore

You can never go wrong with inflatables. Young ones and “young once” love it. You can even use it as a prop for an obstacle course or other games.

Trunk-or-Treat with a Twist

It’s the time of the year when kids can load up on all the sweets as they go around trick-or-treating. But aside from candies, why not load ’em up with food for the soul. Instead of ghoulish-themed trunks, you can ask volunteers to design a bible story-themed trunk.

With the help of creative minds and hands, you can convert a car trunk into the mouth of a whale. And volunteers manning the trunk can regal kids with the story of Jonah and the great fish. Or you can have the trunk transformed into Jesus’ tomb with the stone rolled away. And you can tell kids the account of Jesus’ resurrection.

Bible-Themed Amazing Race

Get everyone pumped up for some adventure around the neighborhood with your own version of The Amazing Race. And to get to the next clue, have the participants answer some trivia questions, including items from Scripture. This is a good way to get siblings, pals, or parent and child to bond together by trying to solve puzzles to get to the last destination and win the prize. And mind you, it doesn't take a very grand reward to get everyone eager and excited; you can count on people's natural competitive instincts to kick in at the mere mention of race.

What’s in a Name?

Kids can have their names printed on a special paper along with their meaning. A computer and printer will pretty much do the trick. And if you can have some volunteers explain to every kid that visits this booth the meaning and possibly, relevant stories for names taken from the Bible, that would make this booth even more special. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to instill positive values that kids can remember for years. After all, nothing’s more memorable than your own name.

Auction for a Cause

Fall Festival is the time when kids and even adults receive all sorts of things from the organizers. However, you can go the extra mile and make this an opportunity for participants to give back. To do this, organize an auction of a ticket for a popular sporting event, a rare collectible, or even mystery boxes. Proceeds of the auction can go to the church building fund or food for the homeless or other projects in your community.

Creative Booth

Get everyone to express their creative side. You can have this booth designed for participants of all ages. Kids can have their own corner for some exciting arts and crafts. The will surely love wearing a mask that they made on their own. Teens can try their hands with face painting. Even adults can join in on the fun and get their temporary tattoo done.

Keep It Small and Simple

If thinking about the Fall Festival is enough to get you worried about the budget to pull off the event, fret not. This event doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With many communities organizing their own event, you don’t have to compete and host an expensive festival to have an impact.

To keep it small yet meaningful, ask your church members to get involved by inviting their close friends or neighbors to this church event. The best time to conduct this mini Fall Festival is right after the service. Organize something special for the kids: cake walk, sack races, and even trunk-or-treat stations in the parking lot. The important thing is you never lose sight of the real objective of the festival—to reach out to people who need to hear the gospel.

Photo Booth

Immortalize the fun by having a photo booth where families and pals can take a picture of themselves having the time of their life. To make the booth extra special, provide some funny speech balloons or bring some wacky accessories that people can hold or put on before having their pictures taken.

Something for Everyone

While you can expect kids to have the most amazing time of all during Fall Festival, don’t forget to have something for the entire members of the family. You can give away some tokens to everyone who participates. Better still, get the adults to volunteer at the different booths. This will keep parents, grandparents, and young professionals occupied and interact with people from different backgrounds. Plus, they can be part of the mission to reach out to people while enjoying their kids and grandkids at the different booths.

When everyone is making preparations for Halloween, you can give the community a better alternative that provides a safer venue for kids to collect candies, a more wholesome set of activities for all members of the family, and most importantly, a festival where the community can come together and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, Fall Festival doesn’t have to dwell on the grisly and macabre. It can be an outreach opportunity for your community and a wonderful chance for the congregation to invite their friends and neighbors over.


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