It’s not because their members are wealthier
It’s not because their giving software is more advanced
It’s not because their personalities are more dynamic

It’s because they’ve discovered the giving-boosting methods that work in the 21st century…and they use them.

And now you can too.

increase giving in my church

How are you countering the church giving epidemic?

Despite record charitable giving numbers, the portion going to churches has dramatically reduced over the past 30 years!

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Can you increase your church’s giving like this too?

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Our process to counter the church giving epidemic

Believe it or not, you can assess how your church stacks up to leading churches…you can makeover your church’s giving…and determine your “battle plan” to increase giving…for no charge…and in just a few hours’ time.


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In less than 30 minutes, you’ll see how your church giving stacks up to “benchmark” churches. You’ll know what you’re doing right. Where your weak spots are. And what’s holding you back from achieving the giving numbers that will allow you to realize your kingdom mission!

(FREE) Church Giving Makeover

In 9 video modules, you’ll see the methods, tactics and templates used by top churches to increase giving year after year. In these simple, 5-minute, step-by-step video instructions and optional “homework” assignments you’ll discover how to win in today's giving economy.

(FREE) "Battle Plan"

Apply your Church Giving Blueprint and commit to overcoming your top 3 ministry obstacles. Implement determined changes over the next 6 months to build a giving system that will work, scale, and last!
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How does your church’s giving compare? Find out what the smartest pastors are doing to increase giving (no credit card required)

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Here's What You'll Get

In 9 video modules, you’ll see the methods, tactics and templates used by top churches to increase giving year after year. In these simple, 5-minute, step-by-step video instructions and optional “homework” assignments you’ll discover…

Module 1
How to clarify and cast a vision that makes your people eager to give
Statistics prove this is the #1 reason people give! Is your church doing it?
Module 2
A proven ‘giving page’ layout used by top churches that’s proven to turn browsers into donors
This is crucial! Get this wrong, people will keep clicking away and never give a nickel
Module 3
How to construct inspiring and motivating “giving talks” without seeming like you’re begging…again!
So many pastors drop the ball on Sunday morning and lose their best opportunity to inspire members to give!
Module 4
How to avoid paying for expensive giving technology that will only confuse your donors
Discover what top giving churches have discovered about the “art” of giving technology
Module 5
How to showcase all of the ways to give to your church
In the 21st century, financial transactions are about ease and speed. Are you stuck in the 20th century?
Module 6
What your credit card processor doesn’t want you to know!
How to never overpay on credit card fees again! Your merchant statement explained in simple English.
How to turn “sometime” givers into month-after-month givers
How to get  43% more from every giver in a few simple steps
How to say “Thank You” that motivates big donors to give and give again
Works with smaller donors as well!
How smart pastors use “ROI” to evaluate giving providers
Discover how to ensure your online giving is paying for itself!

**BONUS** What Nonprofits Know about Increasing Giving… that Most Churches Do Not

What is the ``Church Giving Epidemic``?

Since 1990 charitable giving in the United States has increased consistently. People are giving. But the percentage they give to the CHURCH has declined.

The portion of giving going to churches has reduced from 60% to 30%!

And this dramatic decline has happened while pastors have been scrambling to invest in giving software, kiosks, websites, email programs, and iPhone apps!

So, it’s as obvious as a burning bush: Technology is not the (only) answer to the church’s giving problem!

What is the answer? That’s what you’ll get in this bonus module and the rest of the Church Giving Makeover.

Pastor, Have You Tossed in Your Bed at Night Asking Yourself These Questions?

  • It feels like we are stuck. We’ve hit a giving plateau. How do we bust through to the next level?
  • I hate begging for money…but how are we going to fund our missions (let alone payroll!) unless I do?
  • Why aren’t our members as excited about our vision as I am?
  • How do I communicate our vision in a way that fires them up to give?
  • Will we always miss out on ministry opportunities because the need is greater than the giving?  
  • Why hasn’t our investment in giving software (online, app, text) produced the increases in giving that we expected?

If you’ve been asking these questions, it’s time for a Church Giving Makeover.  

With the Church Giving Makeover you’ll discover…

  • How to make it easy super easy for your congregation/people to give…this is huge with the massive Millennial generation!  
  • How to not make it “all about the money” but still be transparent about your financial needs.
  • Common mistakes pastors make in their giving talks…and how to avoid them.
  • How to leverage the latest giving technology to support your giving efforts.
  • How to attract (and retain) more first-time givers
  • How to keep the givers you have now

Our Church Giving Makeover Guarantees…

If you take the assessment, watch the nine 5-minute videos, craft your battle plan, and follow it, you will…

  • Be able to focus more on your mission and less on giving.
  • You’ll save hours every week by not having to deal with financial headaches
  • You’ll feel a LOT less stress about money and fundraising (imagine that!)
  • You’ll see new attendees give earlier
  • You’ll see older givers give more and stay longer
  • You’ll have crystal clarity about how to communicate the WHY and HOW of giving to your church.
  • You’ll enjoy predictable, consistent income.  
  • Your mission will be irresistible
  • Your members will feel like giving is effortless.
  • Members will be excited about your vision.
  • You’ll know how to evaluate digital giving software and giving approaches BEFORE you spend money on any new ones!
  • Your members will know what’s unique about your church and celebrate it. Your entire church (pastors, leaders, attendees) will be able to confidently articulate what’s unique about the church, which will recruit others to join the mission.

Yes, all this is possible with the Church Giving Makeover.

Win Donor Dollars Back

While church giving has decreased, giving to nonprofits has boomed! What are they doing that’s working that churches can benefit from? Discover their giving secrets in this bonus module. But only if you Take Action today!

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Yes, all this is possible with the Church Giving Makeover.

But you won’t know unless you give it a try.

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