Generous in The Church: How to Inspire Your Congregation to Adopt a Spirit of Generosity

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When you run a church, you provide both a physical place and a community for congregants that can help enrich their lives in many ways. Churches offer programming, religious services and guidance, social opportunities, education, and more. In order for a church to survive, thrive, and grow, it relies on the donations of its members and congregants. Often, the generosity of church members can be the key to a church that succeeds and flourishes.

Often, members of a church congregation are naturally generous and enjoy giving to the church. However, sometimes, it's important for you, as church leaders, to remind members about generosity. Being reminded to give not only encourages people to donate the money they have to help, but it also helps encourage a spirit of generosity that can benefit the entire community in a variety of ways.

If you want to encourage your congregants to prioritize being generous in the church, there are some concrete steps you can take. These techniques can help remind people that giving is show important; show them how generosity can help; and demonstrate concrete ways they can do generous acts for their congregation.

Focus on Examples of Generosity in the Bible

One good way to set a tone of generosity in the church is to focus on lessons of generosity in the Bible, especially when it comes to sermons, bible studies, and more. There are many, many lessons about generosity in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and you can use these lessons as the topics of programming and services during your push to encourage generosity in congregants. If you need a good shortlist of Biblical lessons about generosity, check out this list of 10 Examples of Generosity in the Bible (and How to Follow Them) compiled by Crosswalk.

Encourage Church Leaders to Model Generosity

Congregants are not the only people at Church that should be generous. The church leadership should be focused on generosity too, including clergy members, board members, staff, and more. When the leadership at a church is consistently generous, they model the behavior for the members of the congregation and set the tone for the rest of the community.

Make it Easier Than Ever to Be Generous

Sometimes, congregants simply are not as generous as they want to be because they don't know how to give. Make giving as simple and easy as possible by offering a very straightforward, convenient way to donate. By having events at which congregants can give at the church, or offering online, digital platforms for giving, you can facilitate the process of making donations, and you can inspire people to be more generous no matter where they are spending time.

Talk About How Your Church Uses Money

To get people excited about giving in your church, talk openly about how your church uses funds. People are more encouraged to give to their church when they understand exactly how their money will make an impact. Talk about the mission work that donations fund. Explain how many of the donations that come into the church are eventually donated to other local organizations that need them. Describe how money is used at the church to pay clergy, provide programming, maintain the building, and more. When people know exactly how donations will be used, they understand why it is important for them to be generous with their community and they feel more excited about giving.

Celebrate Giving

When your church has received a certain number of donations or a certain amount donated, celebrate. Or, when your church is able to hold a program because you have enough funding, make it a joyous occasion. When congregants know that giving is an act that will ultimately be celebrated, they will feel encouraged to give and understand the ultimate positive impact that generosity will have in their congregation and community. Ultimately, you can help people directly see and feel the ultimate

Empower Your Generous Congregants with NewFire Giving

If you have successfully fostered a feeling of being generous in the church, your congregants will want to donate what they can to help your community thrive. They will feel excited to give to you and about the results of that donation. One great platform to make donations simple and convenient is NewFire Giving. NewFire Giving is an online donations platform that makes it easy for church members to donate from the comfort of their own laptops, desktops, or smartphones. And, it allows you to set up kiosks for giving at the church. NewFire Giving makes giving a digital process so that it's simpler than ever before. Reach out to the team at NewFire Giving today to learn more about how our tools can help make your movement of generosity at your congregation become an even more powerful one.

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