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How To Talk About Giving In Church This Weekend

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When it's time for the giving talk during service it can be awkward, because the truth is, most people don’t know how to do it well.

No one has modeled it for them.

They haven’t seen many good examples of it.

Maybe their parents were incredibly frugal or burdened by debt.

Or maybe they grew up in a church where money conversations brought guilt and shame.

As the leader of your church, it’s your opportunity to help people feel more comfortable when talking about money.

You can start by addressing the issue during the giving talk this weekend.

giving talk

My name is (your name, and I do (your job) here at (your church).

At this point in our service, we have the opportunity to give money. When we do that, it enables us to (insert mission/vision statement here).

You know, most people hate talking about money. They don’t like to hear about it at church or talk about it at home. Quite frankly, it’s uncomfortable.

I get it. I don’t always feel comfortable talking about it either, even on this stage.

For many of us, money is one the most personal topics we can discuss. Most married couples fight about it at some point every month.

Despite the sensitive nature of money, we need to talk about it more. It’s one of the most discussed topics in all of Scripture. Nearly half of the stories Jesus told addressed money. About 2,000 verses in the BIble talk about money and possessions.

Why is money so important in the Bible? Because it’s often tied to our identity. We wrongly assume who we is connected to how much we make or how much we spend.

But our identity is in Christ, not dollars.

So that’s why we talk about money openly. We know it’s not our identity. It’s a tool we can use to share Jesus with the world. We know it is a difficult and necessary conversation in order to tell more people about Jesus.

Whether you give online or give in person, thank you for giving generously so together we can reach more people.

You need to have a conversation like this regularly.

Maybe it’s a quarterly giving talk like this one to remind people how to think about money.

It’s your job to help people think differently.

It may be uncomfortable, but that’s exactly what they need from their leader.


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