The Ongoing Challenges

of Funding Your Missions

and Ministry

“Why aren’t more people, consistently giving to our ministry”

Steps 1, 2, and 3

How It Works

Giving Technology

Ground-level content, plans and action steps designed to effectively introduce and embed easy-to-use giving software into your everyday ministry.


Overcome the lack of emotional and financial dedication from the majority of your congregation with answers to your most important questions.

The Donor Centric Approach

Thousands of clients have turned to NewFire to discover their voice and how they communicate their church mission to their congregation and potential members.


NewFire Giving has helped thousands of churches discover the message that transforms giving in their church without guilt, begging, or complicated technology.

Want to know the financial health of your church?

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Digital Giving

Software is playing a key role in the future of church giving.  While software is helping churches connect to new donors, it can be confusing and expensive.

With NewFire, you'll be equipped with easy-to-use giving software your givers will love, as well as a comprehensive giving strategy that ensures your return significantly exceeds your investment.

We believe your giving software should be paying for itself. Is it?

Discover What

Top Churches are Doing to Win Donor Dollars Back

What They Believe About Giving

The Old Way

If you provide multiple ways to give digitally, you'll see an increase in giving

If you don't have the fastest way to give or the sleekest church app, people won't give

Focus all of your efforts on making sure your apps and giving technology work seamlessly

What We Believe About Giving

The New Way

You can have 10 different ways to give, but if there is a lack of clarity as to WHY and HOW to give; all you are really doing is confusing your donors.

Gift speed is important, but the most important is increasing the number of consistent recurring givers.

If apps and technology were the answer, church giving wouldn’t continuously decline. Pair technology with implementation and education; now you have a solution.

Want to know the financial health of your church?

Experience Our Church Giving Makeover

Digital giving, isn't exactly your cure-all.

Yes, New Fire does provide the most advanced giving software.

But software without a clear, consistent, inspiring message, is a waste of money. Yes, even the most advanced software like ours!

Every year, churches miss out on millions of dollars because they confuse donors with ways to give.

That’s why IGNITE pairs ridiculously easy giving software, with proven coaching tools that eliminate all of the confusion, and increases your bottom line.

You will have everything you need to succeed…


All the software you need to set up online giving.


Text-to-give capability (the giving method most preferred by your younger members).

Mobile App

Your customized giving app for smartphone giving.


Membership in our IGNITE coaching program with done-for-you letters, email messages, sermon notes, postcard text, and more.

Everything you need to communicate your vision in emotional, inspiring ways!

The IGNITE Framework

Your giving system should pay for itself. Shouldn't it?

If you’re like most pastors, you understand that ministry takes money. That's why we combine digital giving software with strategy and implementation so that you’re no longer overpaying for your giving system and actually generating results.

Rate Savings


New Givers


Recurring Influx


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Over the last 12 years I’ve diagnosed over 2,300 churches and non-profits. Here's a short list of questions that penetrate to the heart of almost any church’s giving issues.