How Church Donation Technology Benefits Your Church

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Your church may be a place of religious worship, but it also needs funding in order to thrive and grow. Churches often rely on monetary donations from congregation members in order to stay afloat. However, manually collecting those donations year after year can be tedious and ineffective. For that reason, churches that want to thrive in today's digital age should consider turning to church donation technology. Software platforms that now enable giving to churches make donating easier than ever, and they may just be the key to financially thriving for a church that is looking for more effective ways to raise funds.

What Is Church Donation Technology?

Church donation technology includes software platforms that allow people to give money to churches digitally. These platforms can be on websites, via software installed on a device, or via channels that can be accessed remotely (using the cloud or messaging technology). Some popular church donation technology options include giving apps, text-to-give programs, and online donation platforms where people can visit a website or give directly. There are also now contactless collection plates, which take the place of traditional ones and offer churchgoers the chance to simply tap a credit card or digital pay device, rather than giving bills or coins.

How Does Church Donation Technology Benefit Your Church?

Church donation technology is crucial today for churches that want to grow in the coming years. However, it has more benefits than simply welcoming your congregation into the digital age. Some of the most important benefits include the following.

Convenience of the Donation Process

Sometimes people want to donate to a church or nonprofit organization, but they don't know how to donate, or they feel like they do not have the time or energy to go through the donation process. Church donation technology makes giving as easy as simply sending a message from your phone or mobile device. Sixty-two percent of churchgoers say they are more likely to give if they can simply do it via a phone, tablet, card reader, or computer. So, by minimizing obstacles between giving and a potential giver and by offering easy giving options, you can increase the chances that people will donate and maximize the amount of funds you may be able to raise for your organization.

Encouraging Repeat Givers

Church leaders say that people are more likely to give multiple times to a church when electronic giving opportunities are offered. So churches who want repeat givers may want to turn to donation technology, which can help bring in more dependable sources of funds.

Better Tracking

When you receive donations, it's important to log them. This helps you keep track of who gave them, how much the donation was for, what it is to be allocated for, etc. However, doing all of this manually can not only be tedious, but it can also be inaccurate and leave a lot of room for human error. When you have software solutions keeping track of your church donations, you can accurately record who gave how much, to what, and when. You can also have a record should you ever need to show proof of donations later.

More Confident Givers

Studies have shown that people can be wary of donating to churches because they are not sure if the church will allocate their funds to the right places. When you use donation technology, you can let people digitally demarcate where they want their donations used. You can also allocate that money digitally, and you can show people how you used their funds. When people have more confidence that you will use their donations properly, they are more likely to give, which also maximizes the amount of money you may be able to attract during your fundraising efforts.

Church Donation Technology: Consider Choosing NewFire Giving

A recent survey showed about 80 percent of churchgoers now have the opportunity to give to their church via online or digital technology. If you feel ready to raise funds more effectively for your church and join the digital era, consider using NewFire Giving. This digital donation technology can help make giving easier for donors and tracking more convenient and accurate for you. One of the best perks of using NewFire Giving is that they provide coaching with their software. So you can use their expert knowledge to ensure that you are doing the best you can to raise money from potential donors. You can also rely on the content and learning material they give you to improve your fundraising efforts or turn to them if you need help troubleshooting one of the software solutions they provide.

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