Education paired with Digital Giving


Turn Your ‘Sometime‘ Givers into ‘All-the-time‘ Givers

“The NewFire team has built THE framework for churches who have more VISION than they have FUNDING to meet that vision!” - Dave Willis

Is Your Vision Getting Enough Fuel

To Keep it Flaming Or Will It Fizzle and Fade?

To Keep It Burning Bright, You Need To:

Create Clarity and Awareness

Every church has a unique impact that needs to be known and communicated

Receive with Confidence

Churches who are clear about their unique impact have greater confidence to ask for support

Focus More on Mission

Spend time doing your ministry, not constantly trying to figure out ways to fund it.

The 3 C’s of Stewardship

A comprehensive approach to digital giving, relevant education, and best practices from booming churches.



CLARIFY With the Donor Cycle Through Self-Assessment, Easy-to-learn education, and proven examples. How to confidently navigate the topic of money with your congregation in today’s giving economy.


CONNECT Effectively implement AND introduce easy-to-use giving technology across all your donor management, volunteer, and church marketing systems that's well-received.


CONTINUE Improving and stay accountable as you assess, reinforce and strengthen your donor centric approach resulting in new recurring givers and ministry growth each and every month.

Take The First Step in Your Church Transformation

Discover your church giving health

Discover your unique message

Practical Education

Personalized coaching and online resources designed for pastors and their ministries who are capped by a declining or stagnant giving budget.

Championing Change

Accountability Partnership

Change more lives with the Gospel. This is the basis for a stronger Church, built from best practices, again not a silver bullet.

The Digital Giving Age

Industry-Leading Technology

Partner with a product that has been the preferred donor and giving management software of choice for churches of all sizes and demographics for close to 15 years.