How Modern Churches Use Technology to Increase Donations

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All over the world, organizations are using technology to increase revenue. Your church should be no different.

Over the last 30 years, donations to charitable organizations have steadily increased. Unfortunately, donations to churches have decreased during the same period.

Not only are many churches struggling to meet their missionary goals — they're spending valuable time and effort simply trying to stay afloat.

We have our own mission to turn this trend around, and we'd like to share this with you today.

online donationsDigital Giving and the Age of Online Donations

All churches receive donations. Very few have a donation strategy.

Most churches still rely on traditional methods to receive member donations. These often comprise of a humble donation plate, envelope mail-outs, and an old wooden offering box sitting at the back of the church. Sometimes these methods still prove to be effective. But often they can't meet the funding targets churches need to achieve to complete their missionary goals.

In order to modernize their member interaction — as well as increase donation revenues — many churches are moving over to digital donations. This not only removes many of the barriers associated with giving to your church, but it engages a new generation in a more user-friendly, high-tech format.

The act of digital giving is fast, secure and reliable. With an effective message and donation strategy, it can increase both the amount and frequency of member contributions, as well as build a stronger church community.

The most common methods of digital giving take four forms:

Online Giving

The days of mailing a check are all but forgotten, and yet this is still the method many churches rely on to receive donations.

With an online giving platform, members can set up a digital profile on any computer, phone or tablet. With this profile, they can set up a direct debit subscription and make easy donations at a frequency of their choosing.

This completely avoids the “I'll do it next week” syndrome associated with traditional envelope postage and speeds up the entire giving process. Churches receive member donations directly into their nominated bank account and remove the uncertain nature of the postal system.

Many people already use online platforms to pay bills, transfer money and renew subscriptions, so using this same method to donate to their church is a natural and logical progression.


Especially popular with millennials, this method makes donating to your church as easy as sending a short text message. Text-to-give allows members to donate any amount in a few seconds, using a standard text message format.

This is particularly effective to encourage one-time donations or promote special church-wide campaigns. The simplicity and ease of the text-to-give format makes donating back to the church simpler and faster than ever before.

Donation via App

Mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to receive donations. They also allow people to donate any amount, any time, from any location. NewFire giving provides our customers with the ‘SecureGive' software platform, allowing church members to give regardless of where they are – in church or on the go. The SecureGive app also allows recurring donations, as well as providing users with access to their complete donation history.

Mobile app use is increasing every year, and having a professional donation app available to your members plays a key role in modernizing your church for the current day.

In addition, SecureGive is the only church donation software platform which allows members to make donations via Apple Pay.

Giving Kiosks

Still the preference of many churchgoers, giving kiosks take the traditional in-person donation format and update it for the modern era.

Via a touchscreen tablet, members can quickly log in and make a donation via their credit card. Fast, secure and anonymous, average donations made via giving kiosks are generally higher than those from mobile devices.

Many members still prefer to donate to their church on the premises, and giving kiosks provide a welcome and hands-on method to give back to their local mission.

Technology Alone Isn't Enough

Having all of the newest technology won't guarantee that your funding goals will be met. You also need an effective strategy to engage your members and give them a genuine reason to give back.

Through IGNITE, the church giving framework, you'll see how to develop an action plan which will increase your donations and allow you to meet — and exceed — your missionary funding targets.

With a combination of coaching, development of new strategies and best-in-class software, your church will develop a sustainable donation model to ensure your long-term success.

Featuring 12 modules, the Ignite Giving Framework provides education in areas such as:

  • Understanding why someone would give to your church
  • How to tell the story of your church's mission in a compelling way
  • How to remove the barriers that prevent people from donating
  • How to thank your givers and keep them informed
  • How to help your givers succeed
  • How to prep your givers for economic downturns

A successful mission should be built from the ground up. Your members should truly believe in what you do, what they can achieve as individuals, and that they're part of something special.

For us, helping churches to find success makes our own mission worthwhile. Over the years we've seen some amazing results, and we love to hear feedback from our missionary partners:

NewFire Giving's framework for giving has increased our giving by 20% every year for the last 6 years.” — Kevin Lloyd, Executive Pastor,

Combining expert training with world-leading donation software, you'll have all of the tools you need to focus on growing your mission — not just funding it.

online givingHow Struggling Churches Are Learning From the Best

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you can always learn from successful peers. All churches want to succeed, but some are far more effective in funding their missions than others. In the age when church donations are on the decline, it's more important than ever to learn the strategies of successful churches and ensure that your giving model is secure and sustainable.

As part of our free Church Giving Assessment, you'll complete a simple online course that allows you to analyze your current donation strategies and see how these compare to the most successful missions.

You'll learn how successful churches turn one-time givers into regular donors. You'll learn how the best missions effectively communicate their message in person, on social media and via interactive software. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to better understand what it is that you do and how to best convey this message to your followers. This will build better relationships, a stronger church community, and provide the ongoing funding you need to make your mission a great success.

At NewFire Giving we're excited to say we've already worked with over 5,000 churches to do exactly this. We have years of experience coaching and educating missions all over the country. Together, we can help to spread God's word and ensure your church can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

About NewFire Giving

With over 2,300+ churches equipped with digital giving and after consulting with over 5,000+ churches on strategies to increase giving numbers, NewFire Giving is a leader in helping churches counter the church giving epidemic.

We help churches dramatically improve giving numbers while reducing their need to focus all their time on raising funds. The end result is that the church can focus on the mission, instead of focusing on funds to accomplish the mission.

We offer a free church donation course which is designed to counter the church giving epidemic.

Within the course you'll receive:

  • A free church giving assessment, which compares your mission against benchmark churches. You'll see what you're doing right and in which areas you can improve.
  • A free church giving makeover, which will teach you the methods and tactics used by successful churches to increase their donations year after year. There are nine modules containing simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • A free “battle plan” which gives you a church giving blueprint and actions you can take over the next six months to make your mission successful and sustainable.

Take your free 30-minute online assessment.

We believe that every church has a unique contribution and a genuine reason to be funded. That's why we work with churches to find their voice and grow closer to their members. Through stronger relationships with givers, churches can increase donations and spend more time focusing on their mission, rather than on fundraising efforts.

For more information on how we can improve the donations of your church, get in touch.

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