Mobile Giving: A Solution to the Unique Needs of Echurch Communities

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It's no secret that people everywhere are using mobile technologies to stay connected and make their lives easier. Churches are especially excited to explore new ways of communicating with their patrons. What better way to explore communication than online? Electronic church communities can offer more reach for churches and their patrons. The biggest benefit is they make church more accessible and easier to experience. Mobile technology can also help churches to organize their growth and giving. Whether a church is online only or has a physical location, Echurch options can add many benefits to congregations.

What is an Echurch Community?

An Echurch is a church that use mobile technology to communicate with patrons. It may also be called Internet Church, or Virtual Church. Some Echurches are a full virtual experience, where patrons attend online only. Others may physical communities that have added online options.

Echurches can share sermons and group prayer through online websites and social media. They may also choose to use personalized software apps. Online video streams and podcasting are also a popular way to share the Word with patrons. Echurches may use any combination of these options to interact with their patrons. They may choose to focus on a single platform.

Going online will help pastors, church leaders, and non-profits to grow their communities. This is because in a virtual space, patrons can access resources at any time. Echurch communities also carry unique needs that need different solutions that what works in a physical church space. For example, Echurches that are conducted entirely online are more accessible, but may be less personal. It is important for all churches to pay attention to the quality of their service over numbers. Physical churches may not be as accessible as Echurches are, they can provide personal services to their patrons.

The Virtual Echurch

Some Echurches congregations are online only. This means that every part of operating the church happens without a physical space. This can be a great benefit for patrons who are on-the-go or may not be living in one location for a long period of time. Echurches can post recorded sermons online or via apps, that patrons can access on their own schedule. Since there is no constraint of space or region, Echurch congregations have the potential for massive growth.

While large numbers are great, they can also be a source of frustration when it comes to organizing patrons and their donations. A solution that works well with an online Echurch is mobile giving, such as New Fire Giving. This giving software can help organizations to manage their growth and donations.

Physical Churches with Echurch Options

There are some drawbacks to an online only Echurches. With no physical space, some services, such as funerals and weddings are impossible. This is what sets physical churches aside from Echurch communities. It is easier for a physical church to add online options than it is for an online church to expand to physical services.

Physical churches that go online can improve their patrons’ experience and community connection. For example, patrons who have moved away can re-connect with their communities. This is great for families who start in one church together. An online presence will also make it more likely that the church will attract younger patrons. People are using the internet to find new churches, so an online presence helps churches to get noticed

Mobile Giving Solutions: New Technology to Solve Old Problems

Mobile technologies can also help with general church operations. As congregations grow and expand, it is necessary to organize operations as much as possible. A streamlined process can help to ensure patrons have a good experience.

One operational task that can be awkward for both online churches, as well as physical locations is how to ask for money from their patrons. An online Echurch can't pass around a physical basket during Offertory. It is not only Echurches that have this problem. Handling money has never been an ideal interaction during a physical sermon either.

A great option to simplify donations is a mobile giving solution, such as New Fire Giving. Digital software gives patrons more options on how to donate to their church. Not only can this counteract the awkward issue of money exchange, but it makes tracking and reporting on funds easier too. Patrons can choose how they want to give, and it no longer takes up their time and attention during a sermon.

The Mobile Future of Church Communities

Mobile solutions are especially helpful for church communities who grow online. Even if churches are not putting themselves online, adding mobile software options into their internal operations will be useful. For example, an online presence is not necessary to enjoy software that can help to track donations and patron satisfaction. Digital tracking makes it simple to collect and mange information in real time. This saves money and reduces operation costs.

Websites, social media, and personalized apps help churches grow large and broad. Eventually, online Echurch options will be essential for all churches in the future. As churches grow in numbers and size, digital tracking software will also become more useful.

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