NewFire Giving vs. PushPay: What’s the Difference?

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NewFire Giving and PushPay are two similar software programs, each of which help increase donations. No matter what denomination it may be, every church needs funding to grow and thrive. Donations and contributions from members and supporters are necessary in order to maintain funding for your organization. This way, you can give back to your community and help expand the reach of your organization.

In this day and age, people may want to give but they sometimes find it challenging to do so. In order to avoid further impeding the process, the goal is to make donating quick, easy, and secure. That’s where services like NewFire Giving and PushPay come in. Each platform can help facilitate donations. But how do these two services compare? And which one is right for your growing church?


What Is NewFire Giving?

An innovative source for church-related mission funding is here. NewFire Giving provides forward-thinking methods to contribute to church missions. The company offers online donations, as well as a convenient text-to-give option. Mobile-friendly services are a crucial part of the way our world now functions. This highly convenient text option allows members and supporters to give at their discretion, in seconds. This is a function that can drastically and instantly boost your donation rate.

Presently, more than 2,300 churches use digital giving services from NewFire Giving. Every day, more people get to know the benefits offered by this particular platform. This platform provides users with the tools and abilities to boost contributions and also educates users on how to optimize its functionality. The program is intensely focused on uncovering the best methods to increase funding. This, in turn, allows church leaders to stay focused on the mission. Thus, this takes a lot of pressure off the pastor and ministry leaders with regards to raising and securing the funds necessary for daily operations.

With NewFire Giving, churches get the platform they need to spread their message and find funding immediately.


What Are the Advantages of NewFire Giving?

One key feature of NewFire Giving is the self-assessment quiz. The website allows you to complete a self-assessment of your church, which helps determine what the needs of your church are. That way you can get personalized software that can help maximize the funding received for your organization, rather than using generic programs that may have unnecessary, confusing features.

Another amazing benefit of using NewFire Giving is that it offers educational opportunities to all users. Learning new software programs can be a challenge. Also, coming up with strategies to help grow your church and encourage more donations can be a downright daunting task. NewFire Giving offers personalized coaching to help you navigate the software in order to maximize the program and easily expand your church. They also offer online resources for you to educate yourself so you can integrate a strategy to boost donations and contributions. Plus, you can count on your members’ security, as this platform protects privacy while simplifying the donations process.

With “industry-leading technology,” NewFire Giving also focuses on the three C's of stewardship: Clarify, Communicate, and Celebrate. The program is straightforward and easy to learn, and there are tons of resources to help you understand every element of how the platform works. The idea of communication focuses on simplifying the use of this platform among your congregation members and workers. This will allow you to continue to focus on donation growth so you can keep spreading the word about your mission and celebrate your congregation’s milestones.

What Is PushPay?

PushPay is a tech platform that helps churches fundraise. On this platform, you can state your mission and detail exactly what you need to achieve it. Then, donors can give what they want based on the easy-pay feature.PushPay is a mobile giving and engagement center.

The donation software offers a custom app. It includes finance tools and donor tools for those in the faith sector. It is also useful for education providers and nonprofit organizations. It is available in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. One of the most popular features of PushPay is the ability for donors to choose how often they want to give. They can set up regular monthly, bimonthly, biweekly, or weekly donations.

What Are the Advantages of PushPay?

PushPay is a mobile-friendly platform and allows users to choose their own preferred donation amounts. However, it will take some time to brush up on the program itself and learn to use it to its maximum potential.

The software is a little more complex, but that’s because it also offers other tools for collecting statistics and tracking income. The PushPay app is also customizable, but that comes at a cost. The program is available in different package levels. Each one will cost slightly more than the level before it, but offers more features. To obtain a direct quote, you have to communicate with a member of the PushPay team to discuss which options suit your budget and your needs.


Should I Choose NewFire Giving or PushPay?

Before you can make a decision, you’ll have to evaluate the differences between NewFire Giving and PushPay. Which advantages matter most to you and your church’s growing needs?

One of the most significant differentiating factors between the two is that NewFire Giving offers practical education for users. In other words, it provides online resources and personalized coaching designed for pastors, along with their ministries, who have a stagnant or declining budget, and teaches them how to reverse this decline. It also allows for ease of communication among members to help build a solid community. PushPay’s main advantage is that it is customizable, but that comes at a higher cost.

In the end, you’ll have to choose the software program that is best for the needs of your church. The bottom line is all churches need to build a strong community that supports their growth. As churches grow, they can continue to give back and focus on their respective missions. Your software program should be simple, secure, and focused. Although NewFire Giving may be newer, it has several important key advantages that could help make a major difference in the growing needs of your church and its members.

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