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NewFire Giving: Exciting Church Growth via Digital Giving

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NewFire Giving: Exciting Church Growth via Digital Giving

As a pastor, deacon, administrator, or leader in your church, you may have wondered how you can take the focus off giving in your church and direct the attention toward the missions and goals. We at NewFire Giving can show you how to dramatically increase the giving totals, and to decrease the need to focus so much time on raising funds.


Offerings, tithes, and contributions are vital to a church. For one, it's a necessity. It enables you to pay the mortgage, utilities, maintenance, and salaries of the personnel. However, setting aside the necessary funds for the church to survive is just a small part of the equation. Tithes serve many purposes: funding ministries throughout your community; giving to missions; and providing a church that isn't just a building you attend one to three times a week, but one that is a church home, where members gather to fellowship, worship, grow in their faith, and have fun social gatherings. Yes, giving is vital to how a church grows and affects not only its members, but in essence, the community, state, and even the world.

Benefits of Digital Giving Technology

Adding digital giving technology as an option for giving is one of the best ways to increase your offerings each month. Many churches hesitate to incorporate this kind of giving software because it is confusing for members to use. A program that isn't used winds up being just another bill to pay. Fortunately, our system communicates with the members in a user-friendly way that helps them personally connect with the church's goals and missions. It educates your members about:

Why you should give: Many people can't attend church regularly due to their career, a debilitating sickness, family responsibilities, or other issues. This tends to make them feel guilty because they want to tithe regularly, but simply can't. Often the member will vow to add the missed offering to the next one they're able to give, but they forget, or can't fit it into the budget when they attend church again. Few people think about the fact that a missed offering isn't simply just a guilt trip for the member, it actually affects the church's livelihood and ongoing budget. Consistent giving is vitally important because the church bills have to be paid regularly. This is one of the greatest benefits of digital giving.

Being able to give digitally frees the member of any guilt because they can select the dates each month when the offering will automatically be withdrawn from their account. Then they can basically forget about that responsibility because they soon realize it will be withdrawn promptly and correctly on the dates they select, whether it's once a week, biweekly, or once a month.

How you should give:

The digital giving technology provides various ways for your church members to give. It makes the process so simple that it'll pay for itself by increasing the offerings over time. These ways include:

  • Online giving: The member visits your church website and sets up an automatic draft from their bank or brokerage account. They set the dates for an offering to be withdrawn each week, biweekly, or once a month. They can also give a one-time donation for a special event or fundraiser. The website is available 24/7 for your members or guests. They can give via their mobile phone or computer.
  • Text to give: Many of the younger members will appreciate the ability to give via their cell phone and your church's mobile app. This is a quick and easy way to pay tithes or special offerings with just a few clicks of the keypad.
  • Giving kiosks: You can set up giving kiosks throughout your church campus for convenient ways to give. You can also take the software on-the-go in order to collect donations at off-site fundraisers or special events. So few people carry cash these days, and this is a wise, safe, and convenient way to collect necessary funds.

The digital giving technology also expresses appreciation to the members for giving. This has a two-fold feature. It assures them that the giving occurs on time and provides them with a sense of peace and satisfaction knowing that they are following their religious convictions about giving. It also helps direct their attention to the ways that their giving benefits the church, community, nationally, and even globally. Once again, this helps them to connect personally to the church missions and goals.

Invest in the digital giving technology today so that your church members can donate consistently and easily. The software pays for itself rapidly once the members see how simple and convenient it is to use. Digital giving is truly a wonderful way to ensure that your church — and its members — can focus on their missions and other outreach efforts instead of concentrating their efforts on raising funds!





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