Online Tithing: Proven Strategies to Increase Online Giving In Your Church

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Online Tithing

Thanks to technology today, raising necessary funds for your church has become easier than ever. New tools make donating or giving dues to churches convenient and stress-free. This means that members are more likely to give, thanks to the fact that there are few obstacles to doing so. Also, tech-forward giving tools encourage younger generations to give, since they are more likely to give using channels and platforms that are familiar to them.

One way that churches are harnessing the power of technology for improved giving is by accepting online tithing. Tithing is an important way for a church to fund its important activities, take care of its facilities, and pay for its clergy and staff. Traditionally, tithing required church members to pay 1/10 of their income. While today, tithing is more relaxed in terms of rules and restrictions, collecting tithes from church members is still a critical step for keeping a church open and thriving.

In the past, churches passed around donation plates or buckets in order to collect cash and check donations for members. Congregants could also send in their tithes, by writing a check to the church and putting it in the mail. Today, however, online donation platforms make it possible for people to tithe from the comfort of their own couch. Online tithing means that people can give from the convenience of their own smartphone or tablet.

If you want to know more online tithing, read on. You can learn about why your church should consider using an onling giving platform and what benefits you can expect to experience from using it. Also, find strategies for making the most of your online tithing platform. If you use it in the right ways, you can increase donations and ensure that your congregation can continue to thrive and grow for years to come.

The Benefits of Online Tithing

There are many benefits of online tithing beyond simply providing congregants another way to give. Here are some of the most important.

You Can Make Giving Mindless

Some online giving platforms allow congregants to set up recurring donations. This means that money is withdrawn from their accounts and giving to the church on a regular basis without the congregant having to take any specific action. By making giving mindless, you minimize obstacles to doing so and help ensure people don't forget or feel bothered by the task.

You Can Offer Multiple Giving Locations

When you have digital giving options, people can donate to the church from the comfort of their own home or office. They can also give at digital kiosks set up in the church, which allows for giving without handing over cash or check but also lets congregants give in a safe and secure environment. By offering multiple locations for giving, you increase the chances that people will remember and choose to give.

You Can Accept Multiple Payment Types

Some congregants may only carry cash. Others are used to writing checks. Still, younger church members may only be used to handling digital currency. Appeal to the variety of members at your church by offering digital tithing, where donors can give with a debit card, credit card, or a bank account. If you use digital tithing and accept cash or check donations, you can ensure that everyone feels like they have a way to give.

You Can Accept Donations from People Not Physically Present

Some donors may be members of the church who are traveling. Others may be former members who still want to support an institution that is important to them. With online donations, you can let anyone, anywhere in the world, donate to your church regardless of where they are located. Remove any geographical restrictions on giving by making the Internet a place that you accept tithes.

You Can Keep Better Fundraising Records

With online giving, you can keep better records regarding church donors and fundraising. A platform like NewFire Giving will automatically generate organized, easy-to-browse records of people who give and how much they give. You can also sync an online giving platform with your church management software, so you can have a comprehensive resource for data about the people who belong to your church, how much they give, how they choose to give, and how you may be able to appeal to them to give more.

Tips for Increasing Online Giving in Your Church

It's an important first step to introduce an online giving platform for digital tithing. However, you should learn the most effective ways to utilize online giving so you maximize the number of donations you collect. Here are some helpful tips for increasing online giving in your church.

Make the Whole Process Super Simple

Want to make sure you maximize the number of online tithes you get? Make the entire process as easy as possible. The easier the donation process is, the more likely people are to complete it This means that you should even minimize the amount of information that people need to hand over in addition to their payment information. You may simply want to ask for people's names and some basic contact information. The less information-entering people have to do, the more likely they are to complete the tithing process.

Allow for Recurring Giving

As mentioned above, allowing people to set up recurring gifts is a good way to increase the amount people give over time. Sometimes, people forget to tithe or donate because they are simply busy or distracted. If they can set up automatic giving, they can send money to your church without having to use any extra energy, space, or brain power to do so.

Use Multiple Reminders About Donation

When you want people to use your online platform for tithing, make sure you place multiple reminders in a variety of locations to encourage people to give. Share the URL during services and in church handouts, and take time during events to encourage people to download your giving app. Also, use social media pages to consistently remind people that they can tithe online, and place buttons for online giving on your website and other places where you have an online presence. By placing reminders to give online, you can ensure people remember to do so, especially when they are already spending time online.

Tie the Act of Giving to Liturgy

When you or other clergy members give a sermon at a service, try tying this sermon to the act of giving. This is not only a way to remind people to give. It is also a way to help people understand why they should give, as well as why donating to the church is important. By illuminating where in Scripture it talks about the importance of generosity and giving, you can make the important connection between congregants' religious practice and tithing.

Be Clear About How Funds Will Be Used

Want to make people feel great about giving to their church online? Make sure you are clear about how tithes will be used. On your donation page, layout clear instructions about what funds will be used for. You can also remind people in services about how online donations will be applied to the church. When people know where their money is going and that it is going to a slew of good causes, they will be more excited to donate to help.

Make All of Your Giving Pages Branded

Use your church's logo, typeface, and branding materials when you create online giving pages. You want your congregants to recognize that they are giving to your church when they access the platform to give. By ensuring any giving app or site is branded, you create cohesion for your congregation's online presence, and you ensure that congregants know they are donating to a place they know and care about and that they're online

Accept Online Tithing with NewFire Giving

If you want to try accepting online tithes at your church, consider getting in touch with NewFire Giving. NewFire Giving is an online donation platform designed specifically for churches, so we can provide you with the tools and guidance you need to help improve your fundraising efforts and expand your capacity to accept money from congregants. In addition to a selection of tools that will allow you to accept funds in a variety of ways online, NewFire giving also offers educational resources to ensure you are making the most of your giving platforms. Our team will help teach you both how to use the platform and the best ways to encourage giving from your congregants, so you can ensure that your church is financially healthy and primed to grow.

If you have any questions about how you can benefit from NewFire Giving or how our tools may be able to benefit your congregation, reach out to us. We'd be glad to help you see how NewFire Giving may just be the solution you need to ensure that your church thrives.

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