Overcoming Common Church Hardships Pastors Face

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church hardships

Church hardships will come and go for pastors.  But it's how you overcome them that can either help you carry on, or deplete you of your energy.

“Monday you’re either living off the high off how great the weekend was…or you feel suicidal.”

Pastor Wesley Weatherford's words are blunt, but I'm willing to bet they resonate with many of you pastors and church leaders out there.  When thinking about church hardships it can be anything involving the offering, staffing, volunteers, you name it…they exist. So how do you keep your head up when you feel you have the weight of the church on your shoulders? Even more so, how do you keep the energy up of the entire congregation when there's a negative vibe in the church?
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Today's podcast speaks right into that.  Being a pastor and the hardships that can come with it. Pastor Weatherford helped plant Oasis church, one of the more stressful things you can do as a pastor. He identifies finances as a common stressor for church planters and well-established congregations alike.

In this interview, he Pastor Weatherford targets 3 helpful principles he's picked up on along the way. Take a listen…

An interview with Wesley Weatherford – Lead Pastor, Oasis Church


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