When they give

4 Secrets To Move Your Church Givers Forward

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when they give

Amazon knows that their Prime members spend more each year, and customers who spend more money are good for any business.

Amazon, like most companies, takes specific actions for that process. They do certain things a certain way to achieve their goals.

When it comes to leading givers, what can you do in your church now? What steps can you take this week to start the process of converting occasional givers into committed givers?

Here are 4 ideas:

1. Write a handwritten note to 1st-time givers
Handwritten notes are incredibly powerful in our digital age. People will hold onto these notes for years. Why? Because they appreciate being acknowledged.

Most churches never acknowledge their givers, even those who have given faithfully for years or decades.

Keep this note simple (3-4 sentences). You can even use a template to keep it consistent. This 10-15 minute investment each week will soon become a powerful way to move givers forward.

2. Move people online
Individuals in the U.S. spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year online. Face it: spending money online is here to stay.

If you don’t have a simple online giving solution, then you’re losing money for your ministry.

Get an online giving solution (like the one we offer at New Fire Giving), and show people how to use it. Teach them how to use it, and people will soon become more engaged in their giving.

3. Setup recurring giving
The average church member attends less than 2 Sundays per month.

When they don’t attend, they don’t give.

Once you make online giving available, show people how to give recurring gifts.

Many people already pay their bills automatically each month, and this process is similar. Show them how they can give the same amount on a regular schedule.

4. Send regular updates to givers
Your congregation gets excited and encouraged when they hear stories of life change. Not only is this a proven way to grow your church, but it’s also a proven way to engage your givers.

Sharing these stories should be part of your weekly service.

You should also feature these stories on a dedicated platform like email. Send an email monthly sharing stories, and connect those stories back to giving.

These steps are powerful, practical ways you can effectively engage donors on an ongoing basis.


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