SecureGive: How It Works and Why It Matters

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Digital giving is a growing trend across all generations. That's why it's extremely worthwhile to make it an option for your churchgoers. SecureGive is one method of doing so, with mobile and online donations accepted. Of course, there are plenty of competitors to SecureGive. Familiarizing yourself with the features of SecureGive is important for making an informed decision.

Is SecureGive a Reliable Option?

Having an effective giving strategy is at the core of having a successful church that can give back to the community. And SecureGive is an extremely reliable and feature-rich option if you are looking to accept donations in new ways.

NewFire Giving exclusively resells the SecureGive software. In the past few years, more than 2,300 churches have adopted this digital giving software. Meanwhile, more than 5,000 churches have received consultations to help them increase their overall donations.

With the implementation of SecureGive and our strategies, your church will be able to take its mind off fundraising. You'll be able to put the focus back where it should be: on achieving your mission. SecureGive software makes the process of donating easier for everyone, lowering the barriers that many people face when wanting to give.

This, combined with NewFire Giving's education and consulting, will make accepting donations almost hands-off for your church once again. We guarantee you'll see a 10% increase in your donations within six months. Imagine what those extra funds could enable your church to achieve.

New Ways to Give

Generations new and old are interacting with churches in new ways. Offering your communities a diverse range of options for giving back is essential for boosting engagement. Here are four ways you can begin accepting donations with new software.

Online Giving

Online giving allows visitors to access your donation portal 24/7. They can do so via desktop or mobile, using any browser they choose. The system allows them to make a one-time donation, or they can even set up a recurring donation.

Online giving is the number one way to ignite consistent, recurring donations from your churchgoers. Very few people in today's world have the time to write a check each month, stamp it, and send it off. Automatic withdrawal is more convenient and easier for everyone.

In fact, implementing it can increase your recurring donations by 39%! There are low transaction fees, and donors won't have to go through the hassle of writing a check, stamping an envelope, wasting paper — or forgetting to send in altogether. Automatic recurring donations allow you to better predict cash flow too and track your church's giving growth and trends.

Giving Apps

Does your church have an app? More than 77% of adults in the United States know how to use apps. That's because apps are extremely convenient. They also put so much information right at your fingertips, a reason why every generation uses them.

A custom church app will fit your organization's vision. It will also include a giving feature that allows users to give straight from the app, without having to go to an external link or browser. This will improve the user experience and encourage giving.

NewFire Giving can design a custom application for your church that offers all these features and more — like the ability to give using Apple Pay to donate.


For those who wish to donate from their mobile device, the easiest way to allow them to do so is with a text-to-give setup. They can text the dollar amount they wish to donate to a short, designated number specific to your church. They'll then instantly receive a secure link where they can enter their payment details.
This method is particularly useful for promoting campaigns that you are currently running. For instance, you can share and push your text-to-give program when your youth group needs to raise money for a mission trip. Text-to-give campaigns prove over and over again to be very effective, especially for raising one-off donations from a large number of donors.

Giving Kiosks

Giving kiosks are becoming increasingly popular for on-site donations. That's because they allow people to donate large and small sums of money in a way that's convenient for them. So few people carry cash these days, so kiosks allow them to donate in-person but in a more accessible format.

You can take these kiosks to events and fundraisers organized away from church grounds. Thus, they enable you to accept donations from a wider audience and further fund your programs.

If you need some inspiration to implement one, just look at the numbers. The average gift made via a kiosk is 24% greater than gifts made through mobile devices. It is a hands-on way for people to give with all the convenience of an electronic and portable system.


How to Get Started With NewFire Giving

Your church deserves a solution that's more than “just software”. That's why at NewFire Giving, we go the extra mile in making sure that we'll be able to provide you with the right program for you. We will meet with your team and learn about your needs before showing you the numbers and explaining how our software could impact your church and community.

We will answer your questions and give you a thorough tour of our software and education programs so you can see how NewFire Ignite will support your operation vision. Book a discovery call today to learn more.


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