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5 Mistakes Churches Make with Text to Give Campaigns

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Churches should make sure they're taking advantage of fundraising by utilizing text messaging. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and popularity of text messaging, text to give campaigns are particularly effective ways to reach members and ask for support.

By the end of 2019, more than 4.68 billion people across the globe will own mobile phones. On top of that, mobile users send more than 560 billion text messages every single month. If your church decides to use a text to give service, however, make sure you avoid a few common mistakes, including the following:

1. Omitting the Option to Make Recurring Gifts

Don't miss this opportunity: When you send a potential donor a message encouraging them to give, make sure you include an option to make the donation a recurring one. If they give once, there is a chance they may want to give to your organization again. Make this opportunity easier for them by giving them the option to make recurring gifts via text. Studies show that recurring donors are 440% more valuable than one-time donors, so don't pass up a chance to bring one in.

2. Capping Individual Donors' Donation Amounts

Some organizations also decide to cap donor amounts, which is a huge mistake. Choose a service that allows donors to give as much as they want. Capping donor amounts doesn't encourage people to give; it limits the amount of funds you can get. So, seek to ensure that your text to give campaign puts no limit on the amount that a person can give to your church via text message.

3. Failing to Offer a Next Step After People Give

Even if your donor doesn't want to become a recurring donor, they may want to become more involved in the church. Maybe they would like to volunteer their time or learn more about who you are and what you do. It is a mistake for your church to simply offer text to give campaigns that don't offer next steps or follow up. Instead of simply offering the chance to donate, consider offering more information, opportunities to become involved, or encouragement to step up and give their support to the congregation.

4. Using a Text to Give Service that Charges Big Fees

You will need to use a text to give service that allows you to text donors and then receives their funds. There are many options for these services, but you should avoid ones with high service fees. Some platforms can charge substantial fees, which end up totaling close to 10% of all of your donations received. This takes a huge chunk out of funds that were given to help your church and is a cost that you could ultimately avoid if you are able to find a text to give a platform that does not charge high fees.

5. Failing to Specify Where People Are Giving

You should be specific about fund utilization during your next text to give campaign. If there are different options for giving, make sure you specify what they are and how a person can select where they are donating. You may ask for donations for a specific fund that is going towards a purchase, cause, or to an annual operations fund. No matter what the reason, makes sure you stay transparent. People like to know how their money is being used, which makes them more willing to donate.

If your church is taking advantage of text to give campaigns but you've been having trouble raising money, the tips above may help. By implementing this advice, you can rest assured that you're reaching the right people at the right time in the right way. Your next text to give campaign should be a success for your congregation.

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