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New technology brings with it new ways of connecting with your congregation. It has also sparked new forms of giving. Text-to-give campaigns can help your church raise money for youth group trips, special causes, and for the daily operation of your ministry. Understanding how this exciting new software works will help your church open up new doors while providing your members new opportunities for giving.

How Does Text-to-Give Work?

It's as simple as it sounds. When someone wants to give to an organization or campaign, text-to-give software makes the process fun and straightforward. All the donor has to do is text the amount they want to give to a short phone number. Text-to-give campaigns are extremely memorable and sharable.

For example, you could set up a campaign and advertise it like this:

“To donate, text the amount you want to give to [your church's number] and support our ministry's programs.”

Text-to-give campaigns are so easy to set up that you could have one for specific functions, programs, and goals or a single program for your entire church. The entire process is simple and streamlined.

Once someone texts an amount to the short number, they will instantly receive a secure link in return. By clicking this link, they'll get taken to an easy mobile form that they can fill out with their donor information. In under 60 seconds, they'll be able to help you raise much-needed funds.

With its speed and simplicity in mind, it's really no surprise that text-to-donate campaigns have taken off across the country. Churches and other non-profit organizations are consistently using them to raise money for everything from outreach campaigns to disaster relief.

What It Can Do for Your Church

In 2017 alone, Americans gave more than $410 billion to non-profit organizations. This bright statistic showed a 5 percent growth from previous measures. Year after year, religious organizations have always held the greatest share when it comes to charitable donations. Recent statistics from 2016 show that this continues to be true.

Following a 2.9 percent increase in giving, nearly one-third of all donations ($127.37 billion) go towards religious organizations. The majority of these donations get made by individuals to their local place of worship. If these numbers are not motivating enough, here are some more specific statistics that will inspire you to set up a text-to-give campaign for your ministry.

  • Surveying people who are willing to give to their church revealed that 60 percent of them are willing to donate to their church digitally.
  • Churches that begin accepting tithing online see a 32 percent average increase in overall donations.
  • Of donors who tithe, more than 75 percent of them give far more than 10 percent of their income, choosing to give 11 to 20 percent of their gross income.

These statistics should be empowering for your church. After all, they demonstrate that today's churchgoers are more than willing to give. But it will help greatly if you give them a means of doing so that aligns with their lifestyle.

Today, everyone has a mobile device in their pocket. That's what makes text-to-give campaigns so effective. They give a person the ability to get involved and feel connected to a campaign from anywhere. It's also a method of giving that is straightforward and sensible for today's generation of churchgoers.

You'll Reach More of the Millennial Market

A church willing to implement a text-to-donate software will see major increases in engagement and overall giving. Millennials especially are more likely to donate if they have the option to do so digitally. And, with this group making up over 25 percent of the country's population, it's an essential target market to connect with.

In 2016, nearly half of all millennials donated through an organization's website. Plus, 40 percent of them give regularly through a monthly giving program. Most of them get involved in-person too, with 64 percent being local volunteers and 55 percent being actively involved in fundraising events.

The millennial market accounts for 11 percent of total giving across the United States. So, with 84 percent of them willing to give to charity (each donating an average of $481 each year), it's critical that organizations give them a means of doing so that's simple for them.

You'll Reach More of Generation X Too

Many organizations mistakenly think that millennials are the only market they will reach through a text-to-donate or other digital campaign. However, members of Generation X will quickly prove that mode of thinking wrong.

Those born from 1961 to 1981 prefer text messages and voice calls when it comes to communication. They also stay up-to-date with social media, and they regularly check their email. So, it's not surprising that email prompted nearly one-third of the online donations Generation X made, according to one survey.

In addition to this, nearly 60 percent of Generation X members say that an image or message on social media has inspired them to donate in the past. Since text-to-give campaigns are so easily sharable, this is yet another statistics to support their adoption.

The short call-to-action that comes along with a text-to-give campaign is easily to place on your church's social media channels and website. Members of the congregation can then spread the message quickly, easily calling for friends and family to donate too. This enables even more people to donate in addition to those who would visit and give in person.

Other Generations Are Also Adopting Digital Giving

Baby boomers are often thought of as old-fashioned, but statistics consistently demonstrate that, once they adopt technology, they are quick to catch on. That explains why boomers regularly use voice, text, and email to communicate.

They're also more likely to use apps and social media more than anyone else–just think of how often you see grandparents active online these days. They deeply enjoy using the internet as a means to stay in touch with family, friends, and their community. That means they will be responsive to donating through these methods too.

And the Greatest Generation is online too. Nearly one-third of donors who are 75 years of age or older say they have made an online donation in the past year. On average, this generation also gives 25 percent more often than younger generations.

The point is, digital giving isn't just something to think about for the younger members of your church. It is a form of giving that can touch every single generation within your congregation. This allows you to reach more people already partaking in your church, and even more people who aren't currently involved.

The purpose of text-to-give is not to fully depend on it. Your church shouldn't switch to 100 percent digital giving. The purpose of implementing a text-to-give software is to further diversify the channels through which your diverse congregation is able to give. That's why you should give your members the option to donate both in-person and digitally.

Implementing the Software

The numbers don't lie. With the implementation of the text-to-give software from NewFire Giving, you will see donations increase by at least 10 percent in the next six months. That is the promise we make to every church who comes to us seeking a way to increase engagement from their congregation.

With just one 30-minute discovery call, we will be able to go through your church's current donation outlook and identify the roadblocks that are hindering your church from getting the amount of support it should. We will then assess your church and see how it stacks up against the expectations of today's donors.

We are officially in the “new era” of giving. Is your church? Request a consultation with NewFire Giving today. We'll walk you through three steps that your church can take to immediately see a boost in the amount of donations you are receiving.

Ask yourself: What could one new donor do for your church? How about 10 or even 100? If you are currently seeing $50,000 in month donations, we could raise that amount by over $5,000 consistently, month after month. The new donations will quickly add up, enabling your church to reach more people and make a larger impact in the community. Click here to get started.

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