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If your church is searching for a payment solution that specializes in nonprofit, faith-based organizations, Vanco may very well be a consideration. However, before you settle for out-of-the-box software, it's a good idea to compare your options. Here's a look at what Vanco offers and an overview of some alternatives that may fit your church's needs.

Understanding Vanco Payment Solutions

Charitable giving is on the rise, but church giving remains stagnant. That has led to a massive increase in interest amongst churches regarding eGiving software. Online donations hold major potential and when implemented correctly and with a partner that is familiar with the needs of churches, eGiving software will more than pay for itself. This is one reason why Vanco has begun marketing its payment processing software to faith-based organizations.

However, Vanco does not solely focus on churches or non-profits in general. Vanco also targets professional service providers, for whom they act as a payment processor. In addition, they target educational groups and schools along with other organizations that accept payments or donations regularly.

In order to serve all of these markets, Vanco has attempted to offer a plethora of services, including administrative tools for educational institutions and on-site card readers for service providers. Add to this list school registration software and event management systems and Vanco's offerings can easily become overwhelming. In this sense, what Vanco offers generally goes far beyond what a faith-based organization needs in order to manage and promote donations.

Services and Features

Focusing specifically on what Vanco offers to faith-based organizations, the market all of the following:

  • Giving kiosks
  • Mobile card reader
  • Website-based donation collection
  • Smartphone app donation collection
  • Text-based donation collection

Looking at this list, what Vanco provides does not differ from the offerings of other solutions. However, one thing that makes Vanco different is that the company does not openly disclose its processing rates or account fees. To figure out how much your church will pay, you'll need to visit the GivePlus website.

GivePlus Pricing

GivePlus is the sub-company of Vanco that focuses specifically on donation solutions for faith-based organizations. The GivePlus website breaks pricing down as follows. It's important to note that, while these GivePlus rates include mobile and online giving software, all tiers require you to pay for giving kiosk, card reader, and/or text-based giving separately.


  • This tier is suggested for churches that take in less than $20,000 in donations each month
  • The debit or credit card rate is 2.75% + $0.45/transaction
  • The ACH processing rate is 1.00% + $0.45/transaction
  • Mobile and online giving is included in the $10/month fee


  • This tier is suggested for churches that take in $20,000 to $40,000 in donations each month
  • The debit or credit card rate is 2.35% + $0.35/transaction
  • The ACH processing rate is 0.80% + $0.35/transaction
  • Mobile and online giving is included in the $49/month fee


  • This tier is suggested for churches that take in more than $40,000 in donations each month
  • The debit or credit card rate is undisclosed and based on volume
  • The ACH processing rate is undisclosed and based on volume
  • Mobile and online giving is included, but the monthly rate varies

Additional Costs

For all tiers, you can enable text-based giving for an additional $5 per month. You can also add a card reader for the cost of hardware (which is undisclosed). The cost to add a giving kiosk is $29 per month in addition to a one-time fee for hardware.

Alternatives Solutions

Ultimately, your faith-based organization deserves an affordable, simple, and transparent solution that will enable you to not only efficiently process your current donations but also work to increase the overall number of donations you are accepting. This is possible by opening the doors to new methods of accepting donations, like giving kiosks and text-based software.

However, Vanco is far from your only option if you are looking to expand into the world of eGiving or online donations. NewFire Giving offers an all-in-one solution for one low monthly fee and is fully dedicated to serving the needs of faith-based organizations like yours.

What NewFire Giving Offers

NewFire Giving offers online, mobile, and text-based giving just like Vanco, along with an on-site giving kiosk, all of which tie into the time-tested SecureGive Software. However, unlike Vanco, NewFire Giving pairs this powerful software with something even more impactful: one-on-one coaching and education.

NewFire Giving is built on the notion that digital giving should not be difficult, expensive, or unsustainable. With the right software and the right approach, digital giving can prove to be your church's greatest asset and enable you to continue connecting with your congregation as their habits and priorities change over time.

With Ignite Coaching, your church can implement the proven generosity framework that has helped thousands of other churches achieve the results they need to create a sustainable, impactful ministry that can make a lasting difference in the community.

Best of all, Ignite Coaching can be combined with NewFire Giving's world-class donation software or utilized with your current provider. When combined, NewFire Giving becomes a complete solution that will get your church the results you've been waiting for.

Schedule a Discovery Call

With NewFire Giving, churches are able to achieve a 10% increase in donations in just 6 months. All it takes is a discovery call to identify your church's current roadblocks. In just 30 minutes, you and the NewFire Giving team will outline three steps you can take in the next few months to make a substantial, direct impact on the number of donations you are currently receiving. Click here to schedule your call.

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