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What Sites Support Online Giving for Churches?

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The truth is, there are many resources available for churches or nonprofits seeking online giving software. There have been some great tools listed in the other answers and they are certainly worth looking into. However, unlike these other options, NewFire Giving offers more than just an easy way for church members to give, but also provides consulting and solutions for how to increase giving.

Now that you know what software is available, how do you know which is the best digital giving solution for your church?

The trends are constantly changing and it's difficult to know how best to keep up.

This article offers some great insight into 2019 trends in digital fundraising, highlighting some of the key factors for churches to consider this year in their search for online donation software.

What Are the Online Giving Trends for 2019?

According to charitable giving statistics collected last year, Americans gave $410 billion to charities in 2017, a 5% increase from the year before. So if giving is increasing, why are churches struggling to retain and gain donors? The article points out that despite this increase, Americans only give an average of 2.4% of their income. And 33-50% of church attendees don't give anything at all.

People are searching for a solution. In 2019, that means using a platform that offers relevant and personalized communication. Not everyone in your church has the ability to give to the same capacity. Meet them where they're at. Online donation software gives churches the ability to offer different giving categories, as well as customized communication that provides a personal connection to each congregant.

Remember the catchphrase, “There's an app for that”? Well, it still rings true. Using apps for church giving is another trend that isn't going away any time soon. Finding a digital giving software that provides the different trending options is important. That means finding a solution that offers the ability to give through apps and text-to-give, as well as giving kiosks (you know, kind of like an ATM where you give money instead of taking it).

Another trend is the ability to encourage recurring giving through digital software. Why is this significant? Our article on trends says, “churches typically rely heavily upon pledges to plan their budget for the coming year. Turning weekly giving and pledges into electronic recurring giving has significant benefits such as predictable funds and the ability to plan church operations accurately. Developing an active recurring donor base takes a commitment to technology combined with an engagement strategy that nurtures donors by keeping them connected to the church on a regular basis.”

Finally, my favorite trend of all is the ability to categorize giving. This allows pastors and church staff to quit focusing on basic overhead needs and put their attention on the mission of the church instead. By using software that allows churches to focus on a multitude of giving categories — or a specific category each week — church leaders are able to share the vision of the church and invite congregants to join in that vision.

To recap, if you're hoping to stay ahead of the trends in charitable giving this year and even see an increase in church tithes and donations, these are the key things to look for in your online donation software:

  • Personalized communication with congregants
  • A variety of digital solutions including apps, kiosks, and text-to-give
  • Solutions to boost recurring giving
  • Categorized giving
  • Resources to help you along the way

Finding the Best Online Giving Solution

Considering the digital giving trends for the year will definitely help you in your search for the best option for your church. Are you looking for a simple software solution? Are you working with a tight budget? These are all important questions to consider. However, the need spans beyond finding software that will simply help you receive donations. In order for the software to be effective, there also needs to be a strategy in place to encourage and inspire your congregation to use it.

How do you encourage your congregation to give more than the average 2.4% of their income? And then, how do you sustain the increase?

It is because of these questions that NewFire Giving provides more than just donation software. Unlike other online donation platforms available today, NewFire offers one-on-one consulting for church leaders, incredible customer support, and resources and technology designed to make giving last. You can even take advantage of a free assessment to help you gauge how your church can improve in the area of giving.

In 2017, millennials were the age group that donated most to charities, and 40% of those who donated are enrolled in a monthly giving program. Maybe it's time to meet the donors where they are, not just by providing easy, simple ways to give, but by also offering ways for church members to connect with the vision and mission that they are giving toward.

Whichever software you end up finding for your church, remember that giving requires more than just software. It also requires a solution. It's time to change the trend of giving in the church and see an increase in donations just as we've seen an increase in other charitable giving in the U.S. If you aren't sure where to start, check out these free resources

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