Women Would Tithe More If You Followed This 5-Step Approach

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Many churches still subscribe to the idea that men are the ones who make tithing decisions in a household. A wealth of research over the past decade, though, proves that church leaders should pay more attention to women’s giving. By doing so, it’s very likely that they’ll increase church tithing.

The fact is that women’s median income – adjusted for inflation – more than doubled between 1980 and 2018. This means more financial independence is being enjoyed by both single and married ladies. If your church follows these five easy tips, you can take advantage of this shift and quickly increase tithing from women.

1. Offer Church Programs Women Enjoy

Did you know that women are more likely to attend church weekly than men (40% vs 32%)? What about the fact that 60% of ladies say religion is very important in their lives – compared to only 47% of guys? The fact is that the fairer gender accounts for most of your true devotees. If you want to increase women’s giving, though, you have to provide value.

Do this by offering activities and programs that they will actually enjoy. While you could find plenty of research regarding this online, it’s important to realize that every congregation is different. Instead of making educated guesses, utilize a women’s ministry survey to find out what the women in your flock most enjoy.

2. Women in Leadership = Women Giving

Women are already leaders in their homes. In fact, 90% of ladies have the final say on spending in their households. When you put women into leadership roles into the church, you’re letting them know that they’re valued. This is one of the most important things you can do to increase tithing among the sisters of your flock.

Keep in mind that ordination and leadership aren’t necessarily the same thing. Even if your church only ordains men as pastors, there are still countless leadership roles women can undertake in the Lord’s house. Just consider a few of the following:

  • Sunday School Director
  • Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Church Treasurer
  • Missionary Director
  • Administrative Staff
  • Church Officers

If your church does allow for the ordination of women, it’s important to do so and cultivate a culture that celebrates both genders. If not, invest in opportunities that can give ladies the skills they need to become active contributors. When anyone feels like part of the game rather than just standing on the sidelines, they’re much likelier to give more.

3. Tell Women’s Stories of Changed Lives

When it comes to increasing tithing in church, a touching story will go much further than a simple request. This is just as true when it comes to women’s giving. They want to know that their dollars are going to something worthwhile, and if you can share the testimony of how other ladies have benefited, they’ll be more driven to continue giving.

This can be done in newsletters, programs, church social media strategies and even from the pulpit. When doing so, however, make sure to personalize the stories. Did a single mother need support during a difficult month? Did everything turn around financially for the niece of a current member when she started tithing again?

These are the stories that touch people’s hearts, and they’re the ones that can increase women’s giving. Many ladies experience the same hardships at different points in life. When they know their tithing is going to help other sisters in Christ through similarly difficult circumstances, they’ll typically be happy to pitch in more.

4. Make it Easier to Give

God’s women aren’t afraid of hard work. We can see this biblically through the stories of Esther, Miriam, Huldah, Lydia and Ruth. This doesn’t mean, however, that modern ladies don’t enjoy simplicity. Online giving statistics show that 60% of congregants want to give digitally. While this isn’t broken down by gender, other studies show that women’s giving is likely the same.

When it comes to female Millennials, for instance, 58% make the majority of their purchases online. It’s important to look at this group since Millennials were projected to become the largest age demographic in America in 2019. Even in other age groups and outside of females, however, this doesn’t change. Nearly 8-in-10 Americans now engage in commerce online.

If you want to increase women’s giving in the church, you need to have digital choices. This can include giving options on your website and even text-to-give campaigns. NewFire Giving offers this ability so that you can focus on creating an atmosphere where your lady congregants feel valued – rather than worrying about how they’re going to tithe.

5. Become Family and Missions Oriented

No two groups of people within your ministry are exactly the same. This holds just as true for the female congregants as anyone else. One thing that is true, though, is that family-oriented and missions-oriented programs are very popular among the fairer gender. Of course, even this truth can differ based on who you ask.

When it comes to married women, they tend to prefer family-based programs. Single ladies, on the other hand, like their church to engage in missions-oriented programs. In order to appeal to each of these groups – and thus increase women’s giving in general – your ministry should have programs devoted to both objectives. This guide will help you with the goal of your mission, and this guide will show some great family outreach ideas.

As these programs have consistently proven popular among female congregants, they will help increase the level of women’s giving. Considering single-female households donate 57% more than single-male households – and their contributions are similarly higher in other demographics – boosting tithes from the ladies might be the smartest thing your ministry ever does.

Increase Tithing Today!

While some churches may still view the ministry as a man’s world, there’s no doubt that it’s held upon the shoulders of women. Houses of worship across the country would lose over half their congregations if ladies stopped showing up, and this is a fact that should never be forgotten.

You should work hard to increase women’s giving in your church. Take your first step by scheduling a Discovery Call with NewFire Giving today. It’s only 30 minutes for a minimum of 10% increase in tithing after only 6 months!

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