Your Guide to Church Database Software

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Your Guide to Church Database Software

While you may not realize it, finding the right technology to help you run your church can help ensure a congregation and an organization that thrive. There are lots of tech tools that can help a church function more smoothly, and one of the most important for any congregation to consider is church database software. Today, many churches have already adopted software to help manage their information, and studies expect that the adoption rate will grow by 9% by 2021. Church database software has a variety of functions and purposes and, depending on the solution you choose, can help you organize your marketing, fundraising, communication, growth efforts, and much more. Here is a helpful guide to church database software–what it is, how it works, and how it can help your congregation.

What Is Church Database Software?

Church database software helps church leaders organize and store important church information digitally. This software can do things like keep a list of active members and their information; track donors and donation amounts and automate processes such as email and written communication. Some church database software is specific and created for one specific task, like storing the contact information of contact members. Others are comprehensive, and allow you to manage fundraising, communication, and more all in one place.

One arena in which church database software can be extremely important is church fundraising. Church database software allows you to see who made donations and for how much. It allows you to see who can be solicited to give, who may be an untapped resource, and if there is someone whose gift amount may increase. it also automates all of these processes, so communication does not have to happen manually–it can be completed in the click of a button. Also, it can help automate giving, lowering the obstacles and barriers to donating and increasing the chances that people will donate.

Why Use Church Database Software?

You may realize that your church needs to harness today's technological solutions in order to stay relevant and grow. However, you may not completely understand the benefits of church database software for your congregation. After all, you're already thriving by keeping your membership information in a digitized spreadsheet. Why do you need a different software solution? Because there are some concrete benefits of using church database software that go beyond simply getting your tech products up to date. Here are some of the most important.

Get a Better Handle on Who Is in Your Congregation

You may think you know who your membership is. However, have you ever used tech solutions to actually understand the demographics of your congregation? If you use church database software, you can analyze data about the people who attend church. as well as how attendance has changed or grown, where people join from, the ages and professions of the people who belong, and more.

Understand Your Potential Workforce

Churches need volunteers and commitment in order to succeed. When you have software to see who is available to help, who has helped in the past, and what skills people have to share, you can clearly see the pool of people who can help the church and its events thrive and succeed.

Effectively Manage Physical Facilities

A church is a place of worship, but it is also a community center. Many church database software solutions allow you to manage information about your physical church building(s) as well. That way, you can manage the activities and happenings in each part of the building, and you can ensure that all events and activities have a space to be in, and an allotted time.

Church-Specific Software

There are many software solutions out there that allow you to keep track of lists of people or manage teams. One of the best parts of using church database software is that it has been designed specifically for churches. Because the software is church-specific, it offers features that make sense for congregations, as well as church goals, leadership structure, and more. Church-specific software lets you track the right information about members so that you can understand what congregation members bring to the table and need in order to stay happy as a member.

Types of Church Database Software

There are lots of church database software solution options. They vary in purpose, type, power, and more. Here are some of the types you can find for your congregation.

Comprehensive Church Management Software

Some solutions for churches are comprehensive. This means that they allow you to store data, manage facilities, handle communication, and more in one place. These solutions tend to be broad and comprehensive, but sometimes lack capabilities in certain areas, like fundraising or data analysis.

Contact Management Software

You need to be able to get in touch with your membership easily. For that reason, some companies have created software solutions that are simply for managing the contact information of members. These solutions store contact info and let you automate the process of doing mailings or writing emails.

Fundraising-Focused Software

Some of the best church database software is intended to improve fundraising. These software solutions store member data and information, including contact info, ino about their giving, and more. That way, you can keep track of who has given, when, and how much, and then make it easy for these people to give again (and for new donors to give, as well).

Consider the Top Church Database Software Solution for Fundraising: NewFire Giving

If you are ready to adopt a church database software solution for your congregation, consider choosing NewFire Giving. NewFire Giving is a software option specifically created to help improve fundraising efforts.

NewFire Giving allows you to easily and digitally store and keep track of important information about donors and donations. However, it also has a slew of tech features that simultaneously can improve your fundraising efforts. First, it allows for giving via any internet browser, so no member has to be at church in order to donate. It also has features that allow donors to text-to-give, making it easy for them to make donations from the comfort of their own smartphone. Finally, you can use the program on hardware, so that if donors are more comfortable giving at church or a church-related event, you can have devices ready for people to use.

NewFire Giving allows you to keep comprehensive records about donors, so you can understand where and how your church can raise the money it needs to operate and thrive. NewFire Giving also comes with support and educational resources, so you can make sure you are taking full advantage of the power of the platform, and that you are tackling your general fundraising and growth efforts in the best way possible.

To learn more about NewFire Giving and how it might benefit your church, reach out to us today. We can help you see how it can enable you to more effectively manage your financial information and more easily grow your congregation.

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