Every church has a unique contribution

to the Kingdom and reason to be funded

We help churches share their unique story and connect to givers with best in class technology, so they can focus on mission, not funding it.

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With over 2300+ churches equipped with digital giving and after consulting with over 5000+ churches on strategies to increase giving numbers,

NewFire Giving is a leader in helping churches counter the church giving epidemic.

We help churches dramatically improve giving numbers, while reducing their need to focus all their time on raising funds.

The end result is that the church can focus on the mission, instead of focusing on funds to accomplish the mission. If you have further questions, contact our team today.

“After helping 2,300 churches make the best decisions for securing and implementing digital giving, I knew that giving software was not the end all be all.”

Stu BakerFounder

Do you know what makes your church unique?

The Giving Landscape

While charitable giving is at an all time high, many churches are not feeling the increase.

Donor Competition

Churches have roughly half the available funds they had 30 years ago, while competing with 50,000 more churches.

An Effective Strategy

An effective approach includes innovative technology designed to connect you to potential givers.

Increase Givers

Grow your giving base with techniques from NewFire's IGNITE GivingFramework and Perfect Donor Cycle

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