Your giving software should pay for itself. Shouldn't It?

Every year, churches miss out on millions of dollars because they confuse donors with ways to give.

Simple SecureGive Software + Education and Coaching


On Your Website

From Any Internet Browser

Offering visitors and members 24/7 access to setup recurring giving or make a single donation, securely online and through mobile.


The New Generation

Of Mobile Phone Giving

Increase your weekly offering with mobile phone giving software that's available to each attendee DURING your giving talk.


Flexible Hardware

Accept Donations On-site

Setup stations throughout your location or take your giving software on-the-go during outreach and important off-site fundraisers.

Shopping for giving software?

Doesn't need to feel like you're walking a used car lot

Take a Look Around

Before you pull the trigger on an ‘out-of-the-box' solution, remember… Achieving digital giving success at your church comes from more than “just software”.

Meet With Your Team

Be sure to include key leadership in your discovery and decision process and define  what giving numbers and fund-raising goals you're trying to achieve.

Book a Call

Ask us questions and take a tour of both the software and our education programs to ensure New Fire Ignite makes sense to your overall operating vision.

We're partnered with pioneers in church giving software

Hear Dr. Marty Baker's story as the first to introduce giving technology to the church

Online Giving

Ignite consistent, recurring givers

Increase Your Recurring Giving By 39%

Low Transaction Rates

Who Actually “Likes” Paying Bills?

Which is why many people would forget to pay bills…or pay them late…especially if they had to write checks or…heaven forbid…drive to the organization and pay their monthly bill in cash every month!

In fact, if an organization told you that you had to mail a check in every month, you’d say, “Wow, this company is stuck in the 1980s!”

The benefits of automatic withdrawal are so widely accepted it almost seems silly to mention them.

  • To the payor…no envelopes to stuff, no stamps to buy, no trips to the post box, no paper to waste, and no missed payments or late payments.
  • To the payee…no bills to mail out and much better cash flow.  

And yet, most churches still see less than 75% of their overall giving digitally.

Church Giving App

Powered by SecureGive, the first church giving app for iOS and Android devices

Give Without Leaving the App

The only Church Giving App that allows you to give with Apple Pay

77% of adults in America know how to use an app on their device…but why do they?

Think of a mobile app like having an express pass at Disney.

Sure you could sit there for who knows how long and try and navigate your way to where you are trying to go, or you could take the express lane where all of the noise and distractions are eliminated.

You are there for a specific purpose, the faster you can get done without missing any of the main features the better, right?

“Free Church Apps” Always Come With a Cost

Save Money and Improve Your User Experience

Boost Engagement and Major Gifts

The Average Kiosk Gift is 24% Higher Than Gifts From Mobile

Giving Kiosks

Or as ABC News dubbed it “An ATM for Jesus”

Love it or hate it, a kiosk allows your donors the same sense of comfort that they have grown to accept when buying groceries, filling their cars with gas, and just about every other purchase made in day-to-day life. 

Think about the demographic that contribute the most to your church. If text giving is for younger generations because they are use to texting, than it’s no wonder that major donors prefer giving at a kiosk. They feel more in control when making larger donations.

What everyone fails to realize is that kiosks are the absolute cheapest way to accept card donations. Saying that the only use of a kiosk is for donations, is like saying a Swiss-Army knife is only used to cut something.

Take The First Step With New Fire

Discover plans and pricing and get all your questions answered.


Gain congregation-wide support for missions, campaigns, and special projects.

The "First Date" of Donor Development

Everyone knows it’s the fastest way to give.

Giving is as easy as texting a friend. The preferred giving method for millenials, text-to-give places generosity at your fingertips. Inspire more one-time gifts in service or promote church-wide campaigns.  Your member can give any amount in under 7 seconds. As always, your funds deposit directly into your church bank account.

Text Amount. Confirm. Done.

That was easy!

Improve your weekly, seasonal, and holiday giving

With Church and Donor Management Software That Works

Improve the financial health of your church through education and technology with New Fire Ignite and start experiencing the difference in your church's financial health with an increase in one time digital donations and automated recurring giving.

Unlimited Donation Categories

Don’t allow your giving provider to limit your ministry designations. With unlimited Donation Categories you can add and remove categories on demand.

Custom Church Branding

Studies show that donors are 42% more likely to give when your give page is branded to match the look and feel of your website.

Giving Statements

Year end reporting is a breeze. Automatically send your quarterly and annual contribution statements with the click of a button. Customize your message and celebrate your impact..

Low Transaction Rates

Credit Card giving saves your church money and giving easier for your donors. With tiered and flat rates available, our church giving kiosks will lower your merchant fees and increase revenue for your ministry.


Have multiple campuses? Awesome! Keep your branding the same or tailor it to each campus. It’s your call. You will also have the ability to change up the donation categories as needed. Run separate reports for each campus to simplify report reconciliation even further.

Embedded Give Form

Redirecting your potential givers only gives them the opportunity to click away before completing their gift. Keep them on your site by embedding your give form on your website.

Quick Give

Attract first-time givers when you allow them to choose between giving without an account or logging into their SecureGive profile.

Accept ACH, Debit, Credit 

Equip your donors with the ability to set up one-time or recurring giving through a debit card, credit card, or directly through their bank.

Real-time Reporting

Giving your members the fastest ways to give is probably your top priority, but a close second would have to be having the ability to track contributions in real-time.

Text Giving Shortcodes

Custom keywords allow your donors to text to give using a specific keyword and amount and have the funds go directly to their desired category.

Apple Pay Giving

Link your Apple Pay account and quickly give to your church through your SecureGive software integration.

Saved Payment Info

Just like fast online shopping, users can save an unlimited number of payment methods to make online and mobile giving fast and effortless.

Online Giving

Securely receive one-time or recurring gifts through your custom giving software. You'll be equipped to meet your donors wherever they are whether that's your website, Facebook, or your email communication.

Mobile App Giving

Your App or Ours

Donors aren’t limited to one point of mobile entry. Access giving on your smartphone through the SecureGive app, mobile website, or embed your SecureGive software into  your own custom church app


Giving is as easy as texting a friend. The preferred giving method for millenials, text-to-give places generosity at your fingertips. Inspire more one-time gifts in service or promote church-wide campaigns.  Your member can give any amount in under 7 seconds. As always, your funds deposit directly into your church bank account.

Giving Kiosks

Ensure your mission stays top of mind when visitors walk in and out of your church. Place giving kiosks around your building so your members can give fast and securely whenever they feel led to give.

“When you pair strategy with options for people to give money, you make it brain-dead simple to invest in your ministry. This allows your congregation to connect with your mission in a way that serves them.”

Pledges and campaigns

Don't lose sleep fretting over unfulfilled pledges for your annual or building campaign ever again

Crossing the finish line is hard work.

It’s even harder when your organization and more importantly your donors can’t track campaign pledges and progress in real time.

They want you to succeed.
Show them.

Equip donors and organizations with the ability to create goals and track campaign pledges in real time. Completing capital campaigns has never been easier.

Sign Up Today & Transform Your Giving

Any pastor can transform giving in their church using the IGNITE framework

Because it makes your mission unforgettable and giving effortless.

Small Group & Volunteer Signups

Giving software should be all about increasing giving. That includes baptisms, small groups, volunteers, or events. Streamline all of your ministry outreach to connect people with your mission.

Donor Management

When you have to spend money once you've received money. Daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual report reconciliation no longer has to feel like filing your taxes. Send current giving statements in less than a minute.

Pledges and Campaigns

“Where’s the finish line? Are we close?” If you have ever done a campaign around building projects, annual pledges, or specific outreach, you understand that measuring success is hard without specific time-bound goals.

Software Integrations

Our software plays well with others.  

Already have a Church Management System?

Great. Connect your SecureGive software with the software tools that you’re already using.

Don’t have a Church Management System? Not a problem.
SecureGive’s dashboard allows you to easily keep contact records, send contribution statements, monitor giving trends, and communicate with your database.
Donor Management. Done.

Sign Up Today & Transform Your Giving